She Said:

Yay! It’s FINALLY vacation time! We are heading to Durango, Colorado for (hopefully!) some rest and relaxation! So, last night, Max was so excited he wanted to help me pack and I said no way, you can help me pack tomorrow. So he says, “Mommy, when I wake up in the morning, I’m going to wake you up and daddy up. I’m going to wake both of you up so we can pack for Colorado!” So I thought it was pretty funny that he was the last one up this morning 🙂
6:22 am I hear Lia in her room bouncing in her crib and drag my sleepy self from my bed
6:35 am Ava comes running out of the bedroom with a big grin on her face
7:10 am A sleepy Max comes out of his room and says, “is it time to pack yet?”
8:30 am I start packing, all the time reminding my wonderful husband that yes,
everything is going to fit in the minivan and please leave me alone and let me pack 🙂
10:26 am All packed and ready to go!
I told Josh that everything would fit, and just for the record, it did 🙂
So a few things I learned today on our first road trip with 3 kids…
1. The carpet in the minivan is capable of soaking up 32 oz of iced tea
2. 2 1/2 year olds can and will go potty every hour and if they say ‘I gotta go potty’ that means right now, not at the next gas station that has a bathroom
3. Car seats are not a good place to take a nap
4. The baby will fall asleep exactly 2 minutes after you announce, “who wants to go to the park?”
5. Paci launch is only funny until the paci goes in the back of the van where it is unreachable (in case you’re wondering what paci launch is, just imagine mommy with a paci spitting it at the kids… apparently it’s pretty hilarious)
6. It is possible for little kids to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the car without making a mess… they’re made by Smucker’s and they’re shaped like circles… totally worth the money in case you were wondering
So our morning consisted of driving out of KC, lunch at McDonalds, driving through Central Kansas, dinner, park, and ice cream in Great Bend (not sure what is so great, maybe the ice cream!) and now we’re here in Larned, Kansas. I think the kids asked today “are we in Colorado?” about 100 times. Josh really wanted to make it through Kansas, but I think we’ll make it to Colorado tomorrow 🙂

Here’s a shot of all the stuff we took…

Lia kept trying to kick the camera…
Max & Ava had tons of books to read and games to play

Max’s drawing of ‘mr. the king’
Lia loves peekaboo

This is grumpy Lia
And sleeping Lia
This is what we saw pretty much all day
Lia really wanted some of daddy’s ice cream

He Said:

Jenny and I are and always have been big fans of road trips. We spent 3 weeks on the road for our honeymoon 6 years ago. Something about just getting in the car…errr, minivan now, putting the trusty ipod on shuffle, and just driving relaxes me.
For this trip, we are meeting my sister in Durango, CO, but we have no idea when we will arrive (hopefully by Thursday), and that’s the way we like it. We are also going to try and hit Buena Vista for the hot air balloon festival, but who knows. Day by day is the Solar way. Oh, wait, we have 3 young children with us now. I guess we’re on their schedule (which is why we didn’t hit the Colorado border today).
Note: I’m going to update our map as we go.

Anyway, here are a few favorites from Day 1 of our invasion of Colorado (except today, we’re still in the middle of nowhere Kansas)

the kiddos said goodbye to Grandma EE this morning

Here is what we saw all day, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just ain’t Colorado 🙂

The clouds made for some interesting pictures, though.

After a full day of car riding, the kids needed a break, so we found a nice little playground and got some ice cream…lots of fun and smiles ensued 🙂

I feel this image captures what it’s like to be 2.5 and on a swingset 🙂

Max likes to swing, too.

Some fun broke out in front of a nice brick wall 🙂

Ava REALLY enjoyed her mint chocolate chip ice cream.

so much so, she got it in her hair 🙂

Max didn’t want to participate…

or did he?

I lied, Jenny took this shot, but it didn’t really fit on her blog, so it ended up here.

After we got the kids settled in our hotel in Larned, Kansas, I headed out to watch a sweet sunset by myself. I got these 2 images as a result. Who knew Kansas could be so pretty?

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