She Said:

Another early start today… the kiddos were up at 6:30 a.m. Why is it that when you’re little and you’re tired, you get up earlier instead of sleeping in? I’ll never understand that :). Anyhow, after our wonderful continental breakfast, we decided to get on the road and finally make it to Durango. It was a nice easy drive to Durango from Pagosa Springs, with (believe it or not) only one potty break.
We were planning on meeting Josh’s sister Michelle and her husband Fred in Durango, but they weren’t quite here yet when we arrived. So we decided to head to the park for a picnic lunch.
Then I started calling around looking for somewhere to stay. There was only one place actually in Durango that I could find that had cabins. You see, when we first started talking about taking a vacation to Colorado, our good friends the Parsons (who used to live in Colorado) told Josh that we MUST get a cabin. So Josh wanted a cabin. Okay, so back to the only cabin rental in town… I called and they have a wedding this weekend, so they’re all booked up! Kind of ironic, I guess…
Anyway… I guess I say that a lot… every night when I’m writing my blog post, Josh says, “Are you writing a book again tonight?” Why actually, yes I am, thank you very much!
Okay, back to the story… I called Michelle and mentioned that the cabins were booked, and she says, ‘hey they have cabins here at the KOA’. So I call the KOA and sure enough, they’ve got an open cabin… yes they have wifi, no television (the Lakers are on tonight… hope they won :). So we decide it’s a go and reserve the cabin. Oh, and the Parsons didn’t mention that you need to bring your own bed linens :), so we had to stop at Wally World and get the kids some sleeping bags (but hey, they were on clearance for $10 each, so we got a great deal!).
So, we got to the campground and pull up to the cabin and I WISH that I had the camera out to capture Josh’s face… it was priceless! Here’s this TINY little cabin (super cute though). We go inside and there is a twin bunk bed and a full bed and a tiny ledge to put your laptop on. And barely enough room to set up the pack n play.
No bathroom. No television. But it has air conditioning. And a ceiling fan. And WiFi. And it’s super clean. But I did see one spider running across the floor… he’s gone to a better place now…. (don’t tell Josh… he likes to relocate spiders to a better environment).
So, Josh sees the cabin and says, “Maybe the Solars aren’t cut out for this”, to which I reply, “You can’t be grumpy about this because YOU wanted to get a cabin.”
So, Max is so excited about his new Cars sleeping bag, that he actually wants to take a nap. He kept saying, “I don’t want to go to the playground… I’m really tired… I need to take a nap.” However, once he saw the bunk bed, he really just wanted to play on it. So right now he is sleeping on the top bunk and Ava’s on the bottom bunk… let’s hope no one falls out of bed tonight.
Oh, and Max kept calling the cabin “the shed”, as in “are we going back to the shed to sleep?” I kept telling him it was called a cabin, but he wasn’t exactly paying attention.
So after nobody took a nap except Lia, we headed to downtown Durango to have dinner at this cool soda shoppe which turned out to be closed. The sign said, “summer hours M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.” Seriously, how are those summer hours in a tourist town? So we ended up at some brewery which had good (but pricey) food. Then back to the shed, I mean cabin, for bed!
So, I’ve never been to a KOA campground (well, they spell it kampground, but I refuse to purposely misspell words… it drives me crazy!). I wonder if they are all as cool as the one we are at… there’s a playground, a (heated!) pool, a little doggie park, they show movies every night at 8 p.m., there’s a pancake breakfast every morning (Josh is super excited for that… you know he loves his pancakes :), and the bathrooms (yes, there ARE bathrooms, just not in the cabins, you have to walk a little ways to get to them) are super nice and super clean and have real toilets and sinks (none of that ‘hole in the ground’ or port-a-potty stuff.

Okay, I think that’s the end of tonight’s book, so we’ll get to some photos! If you’re still reading, thanks!  Tomorrow we are headed to Mesa Verde to check out some Pueblo ruins and cliff dwellings… should be fun!

He Said:

Day 4 brought us only 58 miles of driving from Pagosa Springs to Durango where we’ll be spending a couple of days with my sister and her family. Since they brought their trailer (which is basically a house) and are staying on the KOA campgrounds, we decided to get a “cabin” on the grounds as well so we’re close. Well, when we showed up and walked in, our “cabin” is basically a 12 x 12 square room with a queen size bed, a bunk bed and barely enough room for Lia’s pack and play. We DO have internet, but we DON’T have tv, which would normally be cool, but the Lakers were on in Game 1 of the Finals. Thanks to my sister Michelle and her husband Fred for letting me watch the game on their tv, though. Ok, enough of that, here are my favorite shots from Day 4 (we really had a pretty lazy day)

Can you tell Max was excited about the bunk beds?

He was also excited to be able to push the stroller around downtown Durango.

After dinner, Max & Ava got a little antsy, so I took them for a walk while everyone else finished up.

I love how excited Ava gets when she’s talking about something she’s passionate about. In this case, she was going on and on about the purple bike behind her.

I think my kids could swing all day, which they did. I think between the 2 parks we stopped at, the kids were on the swings for about an hour and a half.

Our cabin at night 🙂

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