She Said:

Today we got up and headed out into Colorado Springs for a day of adventuring. We headed out to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo first, the only mountain zoo in the country. We spent all morning and part of the afternoon there, but we were able to see all the animals. Max and Ava were really excited about the hippos, the bears, and the giraffes.
At the zoo, right when you walk in, they had a huge area where the giraffes live… supposedly the largest herd of giraffes in the world in any zoo. For $1, you could buy 3 giraffe crackers and feed them. The kids were scared, but Josh and I fed them. Then Max wanted to try. It was pretty cool. I had never seen a giraffe that close up before.
We kept walking and came to the ‘Budgie Buddies’ area. We almost skipped this in lieu of the wallabies, but I’m really glad we went back. This was probably the coolest area of the zoo. For $1, you could buy a popsicle stick with bird seed stuck to it. If you held up the stick, little birds would fly down and land on it and eat the seeds. The kids weren’t sure what to think of it at first, but they quickly got the hang of it and we ended up buying two more sticks once their first ones were empty.
They also had a really cool playground at the zoo and you know my kids were excited about that. There was even a crawling area for Lia and she was happy to get out of the stroller for a few minutes.

After the zoo, we headed to the Ghost Town Museum. It was a building set up as an old west town. It was kind of cool and the kids had fun playing with some of the old things, especially the telephones and the trick mirrors.

After the Ghost Town Museum, we thought, it’s time to get home already. We briefly contemplated driving straight through until we got home. But we decided that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. So we drove for several hours and stopped in Colby, KS.

The kids were pretty hyper in the car, playing with the balloons they got from Red Robin and their dinosaur heads from yesterday. I was taking photos of them when the most awesome flare started coming through the back window, so I had to keep shooting 🙂

Things I learned on day 8 of our road trip:
1. This is about the point in every vacation when I am ready to just be home already.
2. I get tired of McDonalds after eating it one time, but the kids never get tired of it.
3. When you are driving through small towns, there really is nowhere to eat except McDonalds, Burger King, and Sonic.
4. My kids would really be happy with a playground, some mac and cheese, and a couple of balloons.

He Said:

Day 8 brought us to an awesome zoo in Colorado Springs, then we headed to Ghost Town, and finally worn out, we decided it was time to start our trek home 🙁

We got to feed the giraffes at the zoo. Their tongues were sticky 🙂

Of course our kids were too scared to do it, so mommy and daddy had to. This giraffe had the longest tongue I’ve ever seen.

Lia liked the giraffes, too.

They also had this neat room where you could feed the birds. The birds would land on your stick if you held it up high enough.

Then Max & Ava got to feed the frogs.

Next up was Ghost Town.

They had these cool old “movies” you could watch for a quarter.

And we got to pan for gold…
but Max just thought it was a dumping table.

Ahh, Kansas, what would we do without you?

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