She Said:

This cold weather sucks. And we’ve officially had enough of it. This is our first winter with no other jobs besides photography. That means we have a lot of flexibility in our schedule. And lucky for us, that also means we can load up the car and leave for a week without any problems. We were going to leave in a couple days, but I was out running errands this morning and called Josh. I said, “Let’s leave today.” He said okay. We packed everything up, loaded up the van, and headed out of snowy, freezing cold Kansas City. Of course, it was about 3:30 pm by the time we left our house, so we only made it to Springfield, but that’s fine. We’re 2 1/2 hours closer to warm weather 🙂
And, because I so enjoyed this segment from my Colorado blogging…
Things I learned today:
1. It’s possible to get stuck in snow in your own cul-de-sac literally minutes after you announce, “We’re going to New Orleans! Who’s excited?!”. P.S. Our HOA sucks and they apparently refuse to plow our street.
2. If you offer Lia a bite of your sandwich, she will assume you are giving her your sandwich. Don’t expect to get it back.
3. Summer road trips are more fun than winter road trips because it gets dark SO early in the winter.
4. It sucks when it’s so cold that you have to bundle up everyone just to go into the gas station to go potty.
5. Max always says he is tired and wants to go to the hotel to go to bed. I’m convinced that he is straight up lying. As soon as we get into our room, he starts running around like a madman and jumping from one bed to the other.
6. One hotel room + 2 parents + 3 kids is not an equation for fun. 1 1/2 is not a good age to try to sleep in a pack n play while your older brother and sister talk, giggle, wiggle, and jump on the bed.
7. Ee makes amazing chocolate chip cookies… and she always sends WAY too many… I’m supposed to be on a diet!
8. The leapsters were worth every penny!

Oh, there’s my sandwich!
Gimme back my sandwich please!

He Said:

It’s been so freakin’ cold lately! I just can’t stand it anymore. We haven’t seen our city without snow since before Christmas and it just keeps coming and coming and coming. Jenny and I decided on New Years Eve that we wanted to head somewhere warmer, even if it’s just a little bit warmer. We wanted to go somewhere where we don’t have to bundle up in thick coats, stocking caps, snow boots, etc. and still freeze our butts off.

So, that means we’re headed south. And none of us have ever been to New Orleans before so that’s a good choice for some family adventures, right?
We weren’t going to leave until Saturday, then we were going to leave on Friday, and today we just decided with nothing keeping us here it was time to go. We packed and then jumped in the car and left. So, since we got a late start, we really didn’t make it very far. Either way, we’re headed to N’awlins!

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