She Said:

We’re ALMOST there. Today was a lot of driving… it’s hard to get out and do stuff along the way when it’s SO cold. So we drove from Springfield, MO to Memphis, TN to Jackson, MS today. We made a pit stop at the Parachute Inn for lunch. They have a giant Southwest airplane with seating inside for lunch. Well, the airplane part was closed due to cold weather. The kids did enjoy watching the ducks swim in the fountain of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Thankfully though, we’re now at our hotel in Jackson and all three kids are asleep. We should be in New Orleans and into warmer weather by lunchtime tomorrow. And I saw that the low for tonight in KC is -14 degrees. No thanks.
Things I learned today:
1. If you leave stuff in the car overnight when it’s ridiculously cold outside, it will freeze. That includes special k bars, V8, and baby wipes.
2. Lia is probably getting too old to sleep in the pack n play. She was up most of the night last night.
3. Lia is not a good co-sleeper. In a moment of desperation, I put her in the bed with me to sleep. She’s a wiggler like Ava and still didn’t sleep a long time.
4. My kids really don’t know the difference between a successful visit to a tourist spot and a bust. Josh was unimpressed by the Peabody ducks, but the kids thought it was awesome that there were ducks in the fountain INSIDE the hotel.
5. My kids love the simple things in life… running up and down the hallways of an expensive hotel screaming at the top of their lungs, having two beds in our hotel room so they can jump back and forth, m&m’s from the gas station.
6. Max & Ava laugh hysterically every time they watch videos of themselves on our iPhones. They can be entertained for quite some time doing this.

Lia hates socks. Here she is trying desperately to get these off 🙂
And she’s out… we had a long night last night, so she needed this nap!
Remember these dinos from our Colorado trip?
Here’s Max & Ava watching iPhone videos
Lia loves peanut butter and jelly and making a mess
But mostly Lia loves doing whatever Max and Ava do. She thinks she’s a big girl,
but I know she’s still a baby…

He Said:

Day 2 found us still headed south. Day 2 was also still very cold. But, BUT, I’m such an optimist, the temperatures reached 20 degrees! Which was at least 20 degrees warmer than Kansas City, so that’s a plus right? RIGHT? Today was also a bit of a let down. We’ll let the pictures tell the story 🙂

As you can see in the Day 2 map, it was still cold.

Sadly, this place was closed. Our kids could have done some serious mess making in there! Oh, wait, I don’t think anyone would notice.

Still in Arkansas. If you love run down, junky buildings, Arkansas is your place!

Jenny read about this amazing restaurant where you eat in the inside of an old Southwest Plane. Our kids would love that! Unfortunately they didn’t turn on the heat in the plane this morning so you had to eat crappy food in a normal crappy restaurant.

In Memphis, they have this cool hotel with ducks that march or something in the lobby. Unfortunately, we were there at 2pm and they didn’t march until 5pm. The kids still liked seeing the ducks. Lia even “quacked” a few times at them. Note: Ava took this picture (although I did help her steady the camera, but she did everything else)

Ava: “How does a piano play by itself?”

Then we let the kiddos run up and down this hallway for about 20 minutes to burn some energy. This also marked the turning point in the trip where neither Max nor Ava asked when we were going home.

Maybe I’ll be able to call day 3, “The day we actually got to New Orleans” 🙂

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