She Said:

So today was kind of a bust. We should have seen the warning signs. Lia woke up this morning after sleeping for nearly 12 hours last night and she was GRUMPY. She pretty much cried and screamed about everything. But we ventured out anyway. We decided to head to the Insectarium today since it was still cold. The kids had a good time, but pretty much had a meltdown about 2/3 of the way through.
We decided to walk around downtown for awhile and find something to eat. We made it about a block before the kids were fussing about being cold. So we ducked into a local cafe for a late breakfast. Well, apparently they don’t serve breakfast after noon. So we loaded up and headed back to the hotel so everyone could take a nap. After we got up more rested but still grumpy, we decided to go do something, anything. First stop was get the kiddos some dinner at KFC. Well, by the time we got the food, it was almost dark. Defeated, we headed back to the hotel.
In a last ditch effort to save the day from complete failure, we decided to have a Star Wars battle/jump-a-thon on the two full size beds that occupy our hotel room. Luckily, we weren’t so loud that we got kicked out. And it did seem to make the kids happier. So, I’m hoping we aren’t the only family who has bad days on vacation… Somebody leave me a comment and let me know we aren’t alone!
Things I learned today:
1. Max remembers everything. Last summer, we were on a walk one day and he asked me what dragonflies eat. This was shortly after I got my iPhone, and Max’s favorite thing was to ask me questions and when I didn’t know the answer, he would say, ‘Look it up on your iPhone.’ So, we looked up what dragonflies eat: insects. When we saw dragonflies at the insectarium today, he proudly exclaimed, ‘dragonflies eat insects!’
2. Even though it was almost 40 degrees today, that is still ‘Cold!’ to the kids.
3. Just because there is a chalkboard sign outside of a restaurant proudly proclaiming all the yummy things they serve for breakfast does not mean that they actually serve breakfast all day.
4. In the older part of downtown New Orleans, all the buildings are really old and shutters cover the windows and doors. Some buildings are apartment/townhomes and some are bars. We saw some shops and restaurants too, but mostly bars. When all the shutters are closed, it looks like the town is empty. It’s very different from Kansas City, but I love the character of all the old buildings.
5. In downtown New Orleans, it’s literally a matter of a couple of blocks distance between the old part that has such neat buildings and the newer part that is all skyscrapers.
6. The insectarium was cool, but is probably better for older kids. Thankfully, we bought the all-in-one passes, so it didn’t cost us much to get it. If we had paid full price, it would have been $50 and I don’t think we got $50 worth of entertainment out of it.
7. Jumping on the bed is all it takes to turn a crappy day into an okay one. The kids probably had as much fun jumping on the beds tonight as they have doing anything else we’ve done here.

These were REAL bugs for sale to EAT! GROSS!!

He Said:

Today, we hit up the Audubon Insectarium, tried to get breakfast at a sweet local cafe (failed), then decided everyone needed a nap (even mommy and daddy). So, we all took naps, then tried to go out this evening, but it took 45 minutes to get dinner (drive-thru fail) and decided it just wasn’t our day. Tomorrow we plan on exploring the French Quarter a little bit. My camera has been dying to get some work done in there.

Max liked the bees.

Butterflies are purrty.

Lia makes a good navigator with her new binoculars.

With lots of energy to burn, we decided to have a jump off. Luckily I brought some pocket wizards and a flash (normally not part of my travel bag), and set it up in the only place that would somewhat work. Major fun ensued!

Someone has got some major hops for a fat white guy.

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