She Said:

We decided last night that today would be our last day in New Orleans. So we packed up this morning and headed down to Cafe du Monde for some beignets. I am SO glad we went, because they were AMAZING! If you’ve never had beignets, they are basically square donuts covered in powdered sugar. Can you imagine the mess that ensued? If not, I have pictures.
After our beignets, we headed down to the Audubon Zoo. We picked the perfect day… barely anyone there and beautiful weather! We were able to do the whole zoo in about 4 hours. The kids had a great time and really enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the alligators.
They were most excited about the Dinosaur Adventure, but we only made it about 2 minutes before they got scared and we turned around. Luckily we were able to get a refund.
After the zoo, we headed to the Camellia Grill. It was early for dinner (not even 4 pm), so the place was practically empty. Josh got an omelet and I got a cheeseburger. He got a cherry freeze and I got a chocolate one. Yummy!
And now, we’re in Lafayette, LA for the night. We’re headed to Dallas first thing tomorrow before we go back to Kansas City.
Things I learned today:
1. Beignets are amazing AND messy
2. Even at the zoo, my kids are happiest when playing on the playground
3. There are not nearly enough bathrooms at the Audubon Zoo
4. Little kids seriously can’t understand that the dinosaurs ARE NOT REAL. We discussed this several times before going into the Dinosaur Adventure exhibit.
5. Even if they say they won’t be scared of the dinosaurs, they WILL be scared of the dinosaurs.
6. The hardest times of any road trip day are first thing in the morning (trying to keep the kids occupied while we get ready and pack up) and bedtime (trying to get them to stop jumping on the beds and calm down to go to sleep).
7. Lia loves omelets.
8. It costs money to park you car pretty much anywhere in New Orleans, but not at the zoo.
9. If you share your milkshake with 3 kids, it becomes a low-fat, low-calorie milkshake due to the fact that you only get 4 sips.

Umm, heaven on plate…

Ava said she wanted a pet elephant. I took a video below.
I liked these vines and the way the light was coming through.
I also like the way Ava was coming through the vines 🙂

Lia totally thought this was her milkshake.

Lia shared some of daddy’s omelet and she really loved it.

He Said:

Our day started with amazing beignets at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter. Then we visited the Audubon Zoo. Dinner was at the Camellia Grill. Seriously, if you come to New Orleans, you have to eat there. HAVE TO. Our day ended in Lafayette, Louisiana, where we stopped on our way to Dallas. Don’t get me wrong, New Orleans was great, it was just time for us to see something different before coming home. I just know that I’m fully soaking up my time with my family before we get back into the daily grind. Planning, goal setting, budgets and much more awaits us when we get home. I hope that you’re soaking up all the little moments with your loved ones as often as possible. They really are all we have.

Beignets rule.

It didn’t take long for our kiddos to make a mess.

How do you get powdered sugar on your eye?

I feel sorry for the dude that had to clean up after us.

At the zoo, here’s Max doing his best jaguar impersonation.

Lia likes bears.

This sign was misleading. I didn’t see any sabretooth tigers in the alligator pit.

Max, Squirrel Hunter.

Lia and Ava touched the baby alligator. Max wussed out.

I love that Ava still has peanut butter on her face from lunch. It’s because she takes so stinkin’ long to eat that we just started walking and made her finish lunch on the go.

We heard some sweet bongo tunes, Ava danced. I’ve NEVER seen my daughter dance like this before. Luckily I had my camera on me. It will probably never happen again.

“This is my pet lion, dadda. It takes me to school and to the zoo.” – Max

Rolling down the hillside never gets old.

I’m amazed at how high Max will climb in a tree, but he’s afraid of fake dinosaurs in a dinosaur exhibit.

Lia loves sea lions.

Ava loves Lia.

Lia just loves sea lions.

Heart melter 🙂

Dinner! If in New Orleans, I’m going to re-iterate, you must go to The Camellia Grill. The address is 626 S. Carrollton Ave in case you need it.

This was my omelet. I downed it with a little bit of help from Lia. It tasted amazing.

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