She Said:

Today we got up and started heading back to Kansas City. We wanted to hit up the Arkansas Air Museum, but they didn’t open until 11 am and we were going to be in Fayetteville by 9:30 am. So, on a tip from a comment on yesterday’s blog, we headed up to Devil’s Den State Park. It was too muddy and wet to do much walking, but we drove through the park and enjoyed the scenery for awhile. And Lia loved looking at all the cows, deer, and horses. We even saw some chickens.
Then we headed to the airplane museum. It was a really cool museum. They had lots of old airplanes and helicopters and a building full of old military planes, choppers, and trucks too. The kids got to climb in an airplane and in one of the old military helicopters. And the best part was it was right next to a little airport, so there were lots of little planes taking off and landing.
After that, we pretty much drove home. We did make a detour to go see a homemade dinosaur statue, but it was pretty lame. I’m glad to be home and excited for our next road trip!
Things I learned today:
1. Lia really hates hotel rooms. I’m not sure why, but as soon as she’s done eating her cereal, she is screaming to get in the car. Josh actually put her in the car this morning while he cleaned it out and loaded it and she was a happy camper. I wish we had figured this out earlier in the trip.
2. My kids always have to go potty when there’s nowhere to stop for 20 miles.
3. My kids are spoiled. We almost always let them get something at the gift shop of every place we visit.
4. My kids get about the same enjoyment out of their gift shop treasures whether they are cheap trinkets or are more expensive.
5. I get much more enjoyment out of the gift shop purchases if they are cheap trinkets!
6. I love gift shops that sell stuff that I remember playing with when I was a kid. We bought these little foam airplanes for 75 cents each that you put together and fly them and I was excited too 🙂
7. FYI in case you don’t remember from when YOU were growing up, those little foam airplanes don’t survive too long with little kids. Good thing they were only 75 cents.
8. Ava thinks Tootsie rolls are chocolate gum.
9. The worst day of any road trip is the day you go home. You’re just tired and ready to be home and back to your own bed and a normal routine. And then it takes FOREVER to get there because your kids have to go potty every 20 minutes.
10. It’s good to be home 🙂

The kids loved playing in this old military helicopter. Of course, they pretended they were flying a Jedi cruiser and destroying red battle droids.

Max is pretending to be a Southwest airplane.
Ava is also pretending to be a Southwest airplane.
Lia is trying to figure out how to get daddy to quit pretending she’s an airplane.

Lia likes Star Wars too.

All gone baby

He Said:

We’re home, but not before we hit up the Arkansas Air Museum. It rocked, then we drove home.

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