We got up this morning and headed for the road.  Somehow, no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to actually get going until late morning.  Today was no different as we missed our turn right out of the motel parking lot.  Of course we didn’t notice until 15 minutes down the road.  So we got a nice view of Tulsa as we backtracked to Route 66.  We were eager to get to Sapulpa, MO so we could have breakfast at Norma’s Cafe.
Wouldn’t you know our luck, Norma’s closed in 2005.  We also searched Tulsa for awhile looking for the old Metro Diner, which apparently has also been torn down. Even though the diner was no longer there, we still found the inlaid paver strip in the sidewalk with the OK Route 66 shield in it.
Heading out of Sapulpa, we were able to drive on several super old alignments.  Some of them were pretty beat up, but it was a beautiful drive either way.  We were surrounded by trees with railroad tracks running parallel alongside the road. And we saw some awesome old steel truss bridges.  Driving through Kellyville, we also hopped on an old alignment.  We were supposed to be on the lookout for turtles, but we didn’t see any.
Finally, we got to Stroud, OK and headed to the Rock Cafe for lunch.  The food was amazing, the service was less-than-amazing, but you can read my review for the full scoop. After lunch, we got back on the road and headed West.
Five miles outside of Luther, OK there is a great old section of road.  We stopped to take a few portraits.  Unfortunately, the bridge was out so we had to get back on the newer alignment.
At the next town up, which was Arcadia, OK, we stopped in at Pop’s to meet Carl & Cara Zoch.  We grabbed a bite to eat and chatted the evening away.  This place was built in 2007, but it’s made to look like a vintage diner.  And the food was pretty good.  What was really cool about this place though was the soda.  They had more flavors of bottled soda than you could imagine.  I picked up a six pack of assorted sodas for myself 🙂
By the time we finished up with Carl & Cara, we realized that we were not going to be getting much farther tonight.  So we headed into OKC to get a room for the night.  In the morning, we are going to drive back to Arcadia and jump back on Route 66 at the Round Barn.  Josh and Carl are out shooting now, so I’m hoping he can get some sweet neon shots.  Tomorrow, we are headed for Amarillo, TX.
Things I learned today:
1. It’s okay to eat chocolate for breakfast.  Especially if that chocolate came from Richardson’s Candy House.
2. Before driving an hour and a half without eating breakfast so that you can eat at an awesome diner, you should probably make sure that said diner is actually still in business.
3. Every time Max or Ava says something like, “I want a juice box” Lia says, “Lia! Lia” as if to say, “hey, just so you know, I really want a juice box too.”
4. It is possible to make almost 10 trips to the bathroom during a 3 hour time period.
5. My kids are easily amused.  Especially by hand dryers in the bathroom.  Apparently it’s funny when it blows air on your head.
6. On our last road trip, Lia would freak out anytime we started packing up in the morning and start shouting about wanting to “go!”.  Now she is perfectly happy to get into her pack n play and hang out while we pack.  I think she thinks she is safe from Max & Ava in there.
7. Lia doesn’t care if we are at a crowded restaurant.  If she thinks she needs to go potty, she WILL shout, “potty!” and proceed to take off her pants and diaper.
8. Max has figured out how to download games on our iPhones.  You need a password, but I think he has been tricking me.  He asks me to download a game that’s free and I do.  After you put in the password once, you don’t have to do it again for awhile.  So you can download away.  Josh and I decided to start putting the phone on airplane mode so he can’t buy any games.  I told him it makes his games run faster.  And then when he wants to download a game, I say, “It looks like we don’t have internet here.”
9. We’d better make it farther than 100 miles tomorrow or we’ll never make it to Santa Monica!
Rock Cafe, Stroud, OK 3 stars –  Now don’t get me wrong, this easily could have been a 5 star review.  The food was awesome.  The reason I’m only giving 3 stars is that the service was seriously lacking.  When we arrived, they were full so they asked us to wait outside. Six people walked in while we were outside and they seated all of them before us. We didn’t wait long to be seated, but once we were, no one came to take our order.  Everyone around us had their orders taken before us, even people who were seated after us.  I had to stare down a waiter before he finally came over.
Pop’s, Arcadia, OK 4 stars – So this place was very fun and I’m definitely glad we stopped.  There were so many different kinds of sodas!  And the food was great.  Josh got a burger, fries, and a milkshake.  And I had some amazing apple cobbler.  I picked up a six pack of assorted sodas before we headed out.  You could grab an empty six-pack box and choose your own sodas, only $12.95!  Overall, this place was good, but there are two reasons I’m giving it only 4 stars.  One is the bathroom.  It was clean and very modern, but only had 2 stalls.  They easily needed 5 stalls or more.  The first time (of about 9 times) that we went, there were 8 people in line in front of us.  The second reason is that I think overall, it was a little pricey, especially compared to the actual vintage diners.
Rodeway Inn, Oklahoma City, OK 4 stars – It’s clean, fairly spacious, no horrible water dripping, and the internet works!

Carl took all of the images below


  • I love following along with you guys on this trip. You’ve inspired us! I’ve been trying to convince Jarot we need to do a road trip like this. I don’t know if we could handle three weeks in the car, but I’d like to just get in and go.
    By the way, I told Jarot that you guys ate all 200 of your cookies by day 2, and he thought that sounded like something we’d do! 🙂
    Looks like you are having tons of fun!

  • Ohhh, and where did you get that awesome purple Batman shirt for Ava? I totally want one for Hana! Target, right?!?

  • The girls hair is so adorable, what did you do to it, tie it up in knots? Their smiles are so sweet! Where is the shoe tree?

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