We got up this morning and headed back to Arcadia, OK. There wasn’t much to do this morning, but there were lots of fun things to see in Oklahoma City, OK. Heading in to El Reno, OK we were psyched for Al’s Nostalgia Station. Unfortunately for us, it’s no longer in business. These stupid old guidebooks are killing us. But the kids had a blast climbing on the old Rock Island Caboose.
We did get to drive on some great old alignments of the road though! The first was heading out of El Reno. The best one though was right outside Geary, OK. It was SO hard to find because our directions were pretty vague. We drove around for probably 20 minutes just to find it. In case you want to know, turn right onto the old dirt road immediately outside of town. It’s right after a little brick building. This road was actually never paved, so it was dirt and gravel all the way. And there was a great tree-lined canopy area that was awesome.
Heading into Weatherford, OK, we stopped off at Lucille’s Roadhouse for lunch. Then we pulled off at the old (now closed) 66 West Twin Drive-In Theatre for some fun portraits. After lunch, the kids were itching to get to a park. So we stopped off at the McLain Rogers Park in Clinton, OK (Thanks for the tip Anthony!). The playground was great and they had an old merry-go-round, so we spent some time getting really dizzy before we got back on the road.
On an old alignment somewhere between Erick, OK and Texola, OK, we stopped to fly our kites. If you think that flying kites is easy and super fun based on our photos, you would be wrong. We actually suck at flying kites. Well, Josh is better than I am. But the kids had a good time, so I guess it doesn’t matter.
Next up was Texola, OK which is a ghost town now. Pretty much all the buildings in town were boarded up and rundown. There was even an old one-cell jailhouse.
Right after Texola is the Texas-Oklahoma state line. literally 200 feet before the state line, Josh saw a sweet field on the right hand side of the road and promptly pulled the minivan over. We decided to do a few more portraits in the tall grass before heading into Texas. The grass was so tall, the kids almost disappeared in it!
Now, we didn’t make it too far into Texas before we stopped for the night. But, we did make it here. We stopped in Shamrock, TX for the night and Josh drove into town to get a few shots of the neon at dusk. It’s said that the neon here is probably the best along the entire route!
Tomorrow, we head towards Amarillo and hope to make it to Tucumcari, NM.
Things I learned today:
1. Oklahoma has awesome puffy white clouds. We just don’t get those in Kansas City very often.
2. Max could probably live off of those Smuckers Uncrustables pb&j sandwiches. He is so picky, he won’t eat anything at any of the places we stop. So he opts for s pb&j almost every time.
3. It’s way more fun to drink your milk from a mega straw (2 straws stuck together) than just one straw.
4. I have got to start making Lia wear bloomers or leggings under her dress all the time. She took her diaper off and went commando probably 3 or 4 times today. Once, when we were out in a field, she was holding her dress up to feel the breeze on her naked butt.
5. Ava would chew 10 pieces of gum a day if I didn’t ration it.
6. Flying a kite is WAY harder than it looks. Seriously.
7. McDonald’s is not a good option for dinner at 9 pm even when it’s the only option.
8. The Internet is powerful! It’s crazy how many people we’ve had contacting us asking us to stop by their Route 66 establishment on our way through town. It’s kind of fun! And Ron from Route 66 news even featured our dancing video on his blog!
Lucille’s Roadhouse, Weatherford, OK 3 stars – This place is only open from 11 am till 2 pm on Sundays. We wandered in, starving, at 1:45 pm. Apparently on Sundays, they have a unique thing going where you can only order all you can eat from their special Sunday menu. But kids eat free. And you get a salad and a drink included. AND, fresh apple fritters. That sold me. So we ordered and ate. The food was decent, but nothing to write home about. I asked if we could get some of those apple fritters and the waitress informed me that they had thrown them all away since it was after 2 pm. Now, why would you do that when you still have 20 people in the dining area?
EconoLodge, Shamrock, TX 4 stars – I think I am way easier on hotel ratings than most people, but whatever. This place is clean, fairly spacious, has a fridge and a microwave, WiFi that works. So we are good to go.

These first few shots were taken super late on Saturday night in Oklahoma City. Here’s Carl.

Geary, OK historic dirt road

Drive In, Weatherford, OK

Josh had to lay in the tall, scratchy sticks to set this shot up. (Josh says: I have scratches all up and down my legs and arms from these shots. Also, I forgot to grab the tripod, so the camera was laid on some grass I had to bend, then I had to lay down to focus. Basically, it was a tough shot to get but SO worth it 🙂

McLain Rogers Park, Clinton, OK

Old alignment outside Erick, OK

Jailhouse, Texola, OK

A field outside Texola, OK right before the TX border

U Drop Inn Neon in Shamrock, TX


  • LOVE it.
    the pantie-less picture … oh to be that age and feel so free…
    ill say it again and i will just continue to sound redundant but I am having so much fun following you all. =)

  • I wish you could have come through El Reno on Saturday, May 1st. We cooked the world’s largest Fried Onion Hamburger during a big downtown festival. you can see pics on our website and facebook page.
    BTW, i LOVE the blog. My 6 year old is obsessed with Route 66 and we plan on making a similar drive next summer. Please let me know if you come across any “can’t miss” places on the way to Cali.

  • That’s hilarious (to me) that Max will only eat PB&Js….and you’re lucky they have Uncrustables now lol. My mom used to have to make me a PB&J before we’d go out to eat anywhere. The only place I ate out was Pizza Hut!
    Once again I love your pictures…how do you guys make the color look so awesome & vivid? Do you edit them to look this great? I know a DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer, but I can’t get my pictures to come out anywhere near as good as yours do.

  • The pic of Josh throwing Lia into the air is adorable! I love the neon pic. You look like you’re having soooo much fun, wish I was there with you.

  • Okay, so… I laughed out loud AT WORK when I read, “I have got to start making Lia wear bloomers or leggings under her dress all the time. She took her diaper off and went commando probably 3 or 4 times today. Once, when we were out in a field, she was holding her dress up to feel the breeze on her naked butt.”
    Then I almost died when I saw the picture. Hilarious!
    I love all of the shots in the field. So adorable!

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