The first time we took the kids to Disneyland, two years ago actually, it was a complete and total disaster. I had bad hives that day and was itching like a crazy person, so that didn’t help. We also decided to go the day after we flew in and the kids were so jet lagged and super tired. That didn’t help either. At the time, Max was 4, Ava was 2, and Lia was 7 months. They were scared of all the rides that were dark. They were scared of all the Disney characters. They cried and threw fits for waiting in line even for 5 minutes. On the Nemo ride, they totally freaked out and all of them were screaming for the last 5 minutes. Like I said, it was awesome.
This past November when we visited California, we decided to try our luck at Disneyland again. Partially because we got three free tickets (thanks Leigh!) and mostly because we wanted a trial run to see how Disney World might be. I’m so glad we did it because the kids had so much fun! Now, I’m not saying that we didn’t have any whining or occasional brattiness. But, they loved most of the rides and even took a few pictures with some of the characters (though they were still a little leery). We stayed most of the day and caught the parade right on our way out. They were beat and all three of them fell asleep in the car. That has NEVER happened. Seriously.
So, you might think we’re crazy, but we’ve booked a trip to Disney World. We’re waking up on February 26th and heading to the airport. The kids have NO IDEA. I am so stoked. I can’t wait to get on the plane, land, and show up at Disney World. Here’s hoping that my blog posts about Disney World are more like our second trip to Disneyland and not like the first!

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  • I love the ones with Lia and Aurora and Jasmine.
    Make sure you make a video when you tell the kids where you are going. I saw a disney commercial with a home video of telling the kids. What a cool memory that would make!

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