Tuesday night before we went to sleep, Josh and I plotted our plan of attack for Wednesday. Our original plans were to go to Epcot. But, due to missing Jedi Training on Tuesday AND the fact that Epcot doesn’t seem quite as kid friendly, we decided to skip it and head back to Hollywood Studios. We knew that meant we had to get up early and high tail it to the Star Tours area to get the kids signed up.
We got up early and got out the door quickly. I headed straight to Hollywood Studios with Lia while Josh took Max and Ava and grabbed some breakfast at the hotel. Lia and I got to Hollywood Studios and inside the front gate about 20 minutes before they opened. That’s when I found out that you have to have to your kids with you to sign them up for Jedi Training. What?! At this point, I was pretty mad that no one had told me that yesterday.
Either way, Lia and I ran to the sign up area as soon as they dropped the ropes, alongside tons of other families dragging little Jedi-wannabes. We got in line and waited. Josh and I were texting back and forth… get here fast!! He had to carry Max and Ava and run through the park to get there. They finally arrived and I only had to let 5 or 6 families go ahead of me.
Wouldn’t you know it, when we finally got to the front to sign up, Ava wouldn’t do it. No amount of begging or bribing would get her to do it. At this point, I was afraid Max was going to bail. He had said he only wanted to do it if Ava did it too. Also at this point, I was fully aware that if they both bailed, that would mean we wasted our tickets on another trip to Hollywood Studios for nothing. Luckily, Max signed up.
After we signed up, Max practically dragged us into Star Wars shop next door. We browsed around and then headed back outside. At this point, Ava started crying because she changed her mind and wanted to do the Jedi Training. I knew that would happen!! I jumped back in line with her, hoping for a spot. They filled the last spot a few kids in front of us and she ended up being an alternate. Let me just tell you how much stress this caused me… it was A LOT!
Max and Ava wanted to watch the Jedi Training that was about to start and I wanted breakfast, so we split up. We met back up and headed for the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area. I know I said yesterday it was bad news, but we headed in there with a better game plan. I watched Max and Ava and Josh went with Lia. Nobody got lost and everybody had fun.
Since we skipped out on Epcot, we also skipped out on our reservations for dinner with Chip and Dale. I wasn’t about to lose out on our table service meal and Josh mentioned that he had walked past a cool looking restaurant. Lucky for us, they had openings, but only at 11 am.
We took the opening and had an early lunch at the Sci-Fi Drive In Diner. The tables were inside retro looking cars and there was a huge screen at the front resembling a real drive-in movie theatre. They alternated between super old sci-fi films and cartoons. The kids loved the cartoons and didn’t like the sci-fi. Go figure. The food was good and we scooted out of there just in time to make our Jedi Training time.
Max was the first one checked in for Jedi Training. The other kids quickly filtered in. It came down to one kid who hadn’t shown up. They literally pushed it till the last 5 minutes before the show started and then (finally!) told Ava she could join the padawans! She was ecstatic, Max was thrilled to have her with him, and I was just plain relieved.
Both of them got to participate in the training and then fight Darth Vader, who interrupted the training class to convert the padawans to the Dark Side. It was so fun to watch them having such a great time! Truth be told, I had to bribe them to get them to sign up. Max especially is a little shy and very leery of doing anything that puts him in the spotlight. And I think they were scared of Darth Vader. I knew they would think it was the most amazing thing ever though. So I bribed them with brand new custom lightsabers. By the time we headed over to the Jedi Training area before the show, they were both so excited they couldn’t stand it (which let me know I did the right thing ;).
So, after the show, we headed back to the Star Wars shop and all three kids made their own custom lightsaber (only $19.95 each!). Then we headed back to Honey I Shrunk the Kids for one last play session. After that, we went straight to the Toy Story Midway Mania and used our FastPasses. I still think it’s the best ride of all!
Since we saw all the shows we wanted to see on Tuesday, we decided to head back to our hotel and have a lazy afternoon. We wanted to go swimming, and we did, but we didn’t make it too long. I had been told that the pools were heated, but I can assure you that the main pool was NOT heated. Someone told me the other pools were heated, so we decided to go to one of them instead. We never made it because the kids decided they were too cold.
Next up was bathtime, then dinner, some cartoons and packing, and finally bedtime!
Things I learned today:
1. Custom lightsabers are clearly way better than the pre-packaged ones and therefore I parted with $60 for three of them.
2. Lia still won’t wear her shoes. I thought maybe it was just a Tuesday thing. She’s been walking barefoot around Disney World for days.
3. The second time (on one trip) that you visit a park, you totally feel like you’ve been there your whole life and know where everything is. Who needs a map?
4. Apparently people from the Midwest have an accent too. I always assumed that we were the ones that spoke normally and everyone else had an accent. Apparently, everyone thinks that!
5. If you are an able-bodied adult without a child on your lap and you don’t give up your seat on the bus to the mom holding an almost-asleep toddler and three heavy bags, you suck. And bad Disney karma will probably follow you throughout your whole trip.
6. Ask before you go swimming to find out which pools are heated! The water isn’t exactly warm in March!
7. Kids go to bed much easier when they are exhausted than when they are wired.
Brother and sister posing with Darth Vader and stormtrooper.Girl with Boba Fett helmet and Star Wards gun.Kids playing on spiderweb playground.Toddler girl playing at Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.Girl watching cartoons on screen at the Sci Fi Drive in Diner.Family eating in a car at the Sci Fi Drive in Diner at Hollywood StudiosEating lunch in a car at Hollywood Studios.Girl pretending to drive a car.Sci-Fi Drive In Diner at Hollywood Studios.Mom kissing her son.Toddler throwing a fit at Disney World.Kids lined up for the Jedi Training Academy.Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios.Padawans getting ready for training.Practicing lightsaber fighting moves.Darth Vader arrived during Jedi Training Academy.Boy lightsaber fights Darth Vader.Boy defeats Darth Vader.Padawan fights Darth Vader with lightsaber.Darth Vader points at girl during Jedi training.Girl fights Darth Vader.Girl defeats Darth Vader.Padawans are triumphant.Boy running through tunnel at Hollywood Studios.Girl riding ant at Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.Boy holding custom lightsaber on Disney bus.Toddler playing with purple lightsaber.Girl lightsabering her own eye.Toddler snuggling on daddy with her blanket at Disney World.Kids lightsaber fighting at Disney World.Girl lightsaber fighting trees.


  • I’ve only been following your blog/family for a short time, but in that time you completely brighten my days! It’s all so endearing. And that sci-fi drive in is too fun!!!
    Megan (the cardigan)
    and (the photographer – mclouse.com)

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! The Star Wars geek in me is coming out right now 🙂 I’m going to Disney World just so I can do Jedi Training. Would that be weird/am I too old?

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