Today was one of those it could be really, REALLY bad days between sickness and cold rain. But we pushed through and made the best of it.
Last night was rough. Lia’s cough got worse and she threw up in the middle of the night twice. All over her sleeping bag and her beloved gockie. Since I couldn’t really go do a load of laundry in the middle of the night, I had to just rinse her stuff off in the sink. Of course, she refused to sleep without her gockie, so she had to snuggle with it even though it was wet.
Needless to say, neither Lia nor I got a lot of sleep last night. I called our doctor first thing in the morning to get her a prescription cough medicine. Then I took the kids downstairs for the free continental breakfast, packed up, and we headed out.
We woke up to pouring rain this morning and it was freezing. Well, almost freezing. That pretty much ruled out the zoo for today. We ran to CVS and picked up Lia’s cough medicine (which is working fabulously, by the way!) and then went to the Louisville Slugger Museum.
We had heard the museum was pretty cool, so we wanted to take the kids there. Once we got there and found out it was a factory tour, we decided to pass on that part. I’m sure it’s pretty cool, but my kids get bored easily with stuff like that. So we opted for playing in the kids area and peeking into the factory windows. Oh, and of course we made a pit stop at the gift shop where we bought some postcards and Cracker Jacks (yum!).
The kids were bummed that they weren’t going to get their free bat because we didn’t do the tour. I tried to reason with them that I wasn’t sure what they would do with them anyway and that I would probably just end up taking them away when they hit each other with them. That didn’t work. My next option was to say that instead of free bats, we were heading straight for McDonald’s to get Happy Meals. Sometimes you gotta break out the big guns. (Side note: I could have just bought them the bats for $5.99 each, but really, what would they have done with them besides get in trouble?)
Our next stop was of course McDonald’s and then we hopped on I-65 South toward Bowling Green, Kentucky. Poor Lia was exhausted by this point and fussed most of the way from Louisville to Cave City. We first stopped off at Kentucky Down Under because the roadside billboards looked fun. It was a mostly outdoor attraction and it was super cold and rainy.
We kept driving and not too far up the highway, we saw Dinosaur World. We originally intended to just drive by and look at the dinosaurs since the weather was so crappy. The kids really wanted to go. It wasn’t cheap and I was not about to waste $50 if they were going to fuss about being cold. We waffled for a few minutes and they promised to behave. So we did it.
The kids loved looking at the dinosaurs and since the place was empty, there was no waiting and we ran, yes, ran from dinosaur to dinosaur. After we did the dinosaur walk, the kids went to the digging area and played in the sand. Then we went inside and they dug for fossils while I picked out some activity books for souvenirs.
After Dinosaur World, we headed for Bowling Green and the National Corvette Museum. We thought it would be almost closed by the time we got there, but then we realized that we actually crossed back into the Central Standard Time Zone. We gained back the hour we lost yesterday and had plenty of time for the Corvette Museum.
The kids enjoyed looking at all the old and new cars. And there was a fun science exhibit at the end where they played for about 20 minutes. And of course, the gift shop, where we bought a 3 pack of Corvette cars.
After the Corvette Museum, we hopped on I-65 South to Nashville for the night. I scored our hotel for the night on Priceline for $25! ($38 with taxes and fees). We were all pretty tired, so we wasted no time getting to our hotel and into bed.
Things I learned today:
1. Souvenir shopping is a lot less stressful if I pick out the stuff myself and then show the kids as opposed to letting them go crazy in the gift shop.
2. My kids can be bought out of nearly anything with the promise of a Happy Meal.
3. If you lose two hours one day and gain one back the next, you’re still one hour short. But it feels good to get that hour back either way. (Josh says we didn’t actually lose an hour. Who owns time anyway?)
4. Lia thinks that if she just passes me all the food she doesn’t want from her lunchable, she can eat the two bites she does want and that qualifies as having eaten her lunch. Therefore, she should totally get her cookie.
5. I don’t want to jinx myself or anything, but Max and Ava have totally not been fighting as much in the car on this trip as they usually do and it’s been great! They really seem to enjoy each other’s company.
6. You should not promise your kids free stuff from an attraction until that free stuff is actually in your hands.
Louisville Slugger Museum – 3 stars – This place was cool, but is probably best suited for older kids and baseball lovers. We opted out of the tour simply because we figured our kids would get bored. They did enjoy the kiddie batting area and play area though. And they thought the giant bat out front was pretty cool.
Dinosaur World – 4 stars – This is a big outdoor attraction that has over 100 life size dinosaur statues, a small museum, and a few dinosaur related play areas. This place only gets 4 stars from me because I really think it’s overpriced. Now, i’m not complaining, because my kids had a great time even though it was raining and cold. But, it probably wasn’t worth the $47 admission price for our family. That being said, I would go again. In the kids eyes, this was the best thing we did today.
National Corvette Museum – 3.5 stars – The kids had fun, but this place was definitely geared toward older kids and adults and especially Corvette enthusiasts. The kids enjoyed looking at all the Vettes and trying to figure out which one looked like Papa’s. The admission price was reasonable and we would probably do it again.
Homestead Extended Stay Hotel – Nashville, TN – 4 stars – No real complaints here. I booked this room on Priceline for $25 ($38 with taxes and fees). I had to pay an extra $5 for internet once we got here and they didn’t have any rooms with two beds. But, there’s a full size fridge and a stove. It’s clean and on the bottom level.
Favorite quotes/conversations:
Max “It smells like carrots in here.”
Josh “That’s because you have carrots back there.”
Josh “Where are we?”
Lia “Lou-Va-Vull”
Ava “Lube-a-Vull”
(at Dinosaur World)
Me “You guys better have fun and not whine about being cold because it’s gonna cost me $50 to get us in.”
Max “I don’t care about the money. I just care if I get to go.”
Me “Well, I care about the money.”
Me to Max “Don’t jump on the bed while you’re brushing your teeth. You could hurt yourself.”
Ava “Yeah, that will make you have a hole in your face.”
Boy in front of the huge Louisville Slugger bat in Kentucky.Boy in front of big Louisville slugger bat.Girl playing in kids area of Louisville Slugger museum.Girl playing in kids area of Louisville Slugger museum.Girl playing at a baseball museum.Father and son playing.Girl climbing on big glove at Louisville Slugger museum in Kentucky.Boy eating cracker jacks.Girl throwing a fit in the car.Kids pretending to be dinos.Kids having fun at Dino World.Dinosaur at Dino World in Kentucky.Family acting scared at Dino World.Kids running in the rain.Famil in front of the big T-Rex at Dino World in Kentucky.Girl riding a mammoth at Dino World.Mom and daughter sitting on a wooly mammoth at Dino World in Kentucky.Dad on a wooly mammoth.Happy family snuggling together.Family pretending to be scared by a T-Rex.Kid in the mouth of a dinosaur at Dino World.Dude getting eaten by a dinosaur at Dino World in Kentucky.Kids digging for bones in Dino World.Girl digging at Dino World in Kentucky.Kid doing a giant dino puzzle.Boy putting together a giant puzzle.Boy looking for fossils.Huge T-Rex head.Awesome vintage Corvette.Kids driving.Girl playing game at the Corvette museum.Girl driving a corvette at the museum in Bowling Green.Awesome 1953 Corvette.Boy playing at the Corvette museum in Kentucky.Boy sitting in a home made hover craft at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.Boy playing.Peek a boo.Peek a boo.Solar City sign we made at the National Corvette museum.Kids making faces in the car while on a road trip.


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