Today was the last day of our fun Spring Break road trip. We played with our friends, then headed home. Of course, it rained. It ALWAYS rains on the final day of our road trip. It rained on the last day of our Colorado trip, our New Orleans trip, our Route 66 trip. Every single time.
But no rain can stop us! We pulled over and splashed in puddles (just for a few minutes, though, it was COLD!), and we played with neon glow sticks that Jenny brought along. The kiddos also decided that they needed to light saber fight with their shoes. Yes, their shoes. Gotta love kids!
Reviews: Do you really want to read a review of McDonald’s somewhere in the middle of Arkansas? Don’t hate on McDonald’s, either, they have Batman & Superman toys. Those toys alone saved the last 3 hours of our trip. Thanks McDonalds!
Ava: “What if we didn’t have a cooler? And every store we went to didn’t have any coolers? We would have to bring our fridge!”
Lia: “Somebody broke me.”
Lia: “Mommy, I’m a mess.”
Ava: “How come they call it Burger King? Maybe ’cause they have crowns.”
Ava: “Where did my bracelet go? Oh, it’s on my wrist.”
If you enjoyed following our road trip, and are scared, nervous, or have no clue about how to plan an enjoyable road trip with your kiddos, we have you covered. Check out our awesome Road Trip planner!

The official map of the 2011 Spring Break Road Trip.

Our spring break road trip route.
Boy jumping on a hotel bed.

Max didn’t participate in the splashing, and it was so cold & windy that Ava & Lia didn’t do much splashing, either. I (josh) killed it though 🙂

Girl splashing in the water.Mom and daughter splashing in the water puddles.Man jumping in puddles.Man jumping in puddles.Girl with neon bracelets on.Kids sword fighting with neon glow sticks.Toddler being silly with a glow stick.Toddler snuggling her blanket in the car.Kids playing in a car.


  • Josh and Jenny. I have to tell you I have SO enjoyed watching and sharing in your adventures. As a family who FREQUENTS the highway, it was so inspiring to see your take on the classic family road trip. Many of our family road trips are to see family, attend events and really to GET TO the activities. Your trip inspired me to “stop and smell the roses” along the way. Many times its hard for us being on a limited schedule but you’ve shown me that traveling with 3 little ones doesn’t have to be stressful. I do realize its HARD WORK though and you two have seemed to to make it fun amid the hard work aspect (packing coolers, packing in general, hauling props and toys, derailing tantrums, never sleeping in your own bed, etc). Anyway, we have two HUGE road trips coming up to Colorado Springs and to Ohio…we’ll see how we fare along the way! Thanks for your inspiration and super fun attitude towards life, family and love. Hope you had a good night of sleep in your OWN bed! 😉

  • I’m pretty sure the glitter shoe would totally win. When you are covered in sparkly glitter, how could you not? And I totally want some glitter shoes, but have yet to find them in adult size.

  • Just wanted to say, I loved reading your road trip stories. We are getting ready to brave our first family road trip and you really inspired me to make the most of it and not let the little things get you down and enjoy the moment. You have an amazing family!

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