You might have heard, you might not have, but 14 months ago I decided to plan a surprise road trip across Canada with my lovely wife (sans kiddos). I booked a Beloved session with the amazing Jesh DeRox for us, also as a surprise, and we had a blast. Listed below are a few of the memories I’ll never forget:

  • The super fun Beloved shoot we did for our new friends from Minnesota, Megan & Gabe.
  • The crazy roller coasters we rode in the Mall of America. We acted like children and LOVED every second of it.
  • The dinner and great conversations we had with our wonderful friends & killer photographer, Eliesa & Judd. I branched out and tried Edamame & tofu too!
  • The lovely ice cream place they took us to after dinner. I had a sundae Oreo ice cream, fudge, Oreo cookies & whipped cream
  • Running through random Canadian fields with Jenny to take pics of all the cool Canadian red barns.
  • Dream planning and how we’re going to make them come true during the long hours in the car.
  • Our Beloved session with Jesh was everything we could have possibly asked for and more…we’re SO SO SO excited to see the pics!!!
  • The flat tire we had in Edmonton while on the way to Calgary…tires are SUPER expensive in Canada.
  • The gracious Dana, Bob & their wee ones Jack & Georgia.
  • Fruit filled breakfasts followed by Jelly Modern Doughnuts.
  • Dinner with Gabe & Jenn, yet another awesome Calgary wedding photographer.
  • And, the day in Banff with the Pughs. Lunch at Communitea in Canmore where I had the biggest grilled cheese ever. Walking through knee deep snow even though it was 65 degrees out (crazy-ness!). Lake Louise. The Banff castle. The waterfall. And all those gorgeous evergreen trees.

It was kind of a whirlwind trip, and Jenny got sick for the later parts (that’s why there’s not a lot of pics of US in here), but I’m so happy we got to go. It allowed us to spend some good, quality time together without the kiddos. I think that’s a key to a happy marriage. Date nights, and time spent sans kiddos is good for the heart. Enjoy a tiny glimpse of our trek through Canada.
PS. If you saw all these pictures already on the Vagabond Bond, I’m sorry, but you can check them out again…
Think Happy sign.Canadian barn.Craik Canada.Canadian flag barn.Trees and clouds.Portrait of a dude.My beautiful wife.Jelly Modern Doughnuts in Calgary.Happy Family Movement.Look downt there's a world below.Fail.Evergreen trees.Beautiful trees.Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta.Evergreens in Banff National Park.Snowman in Banff National Park.Canadian castle.Castle in Banff.Black and white nature.Banff trees.Canadian signs.Barns in Canada.Texture of an old barn.Beautiful silhouette.A Lone Tree on a hill.Beautiful sunset.


  • I love the mountain climbing sign. Canada has a sense of humor. LOL! Love the photos. Are you going to share more??? I’m sure you guys had a blast.

  • glad you love canada… we are a friendly bunch! great pictures, looks like it was a wonderful trip for the two of you to go on!!

  • Hey I missed this until now!!! The donuts! Seriously–they are featuring banana split donuts right now 😉 These are great images! Next time–bring the kids and we’ll camp. In the mountains…near the castle. Just saying.

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