Oh, the joys of a rooster. Stu started crowing around 5:45 am this morning. And it wasn’t just one cock-a-doodle-dooooooo. He went on about his business for a good 10-15 minutes. And in the process, woke up both Josh and Lia. It’s okay though, because I still like Stu. I’m just hoping he hits snooze on his alarm clock tomorrow!
Once the rest of us got up and around, we headed down to the main building for breakfast. They had a buffet with home cooked honey wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs, two different kinds of quiche, and peach crisp. They also had oatmeal, cereal, OJ, and milk. WAY better than a continental breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‰ We filled our bellies, then headed to the front desk to sign up for some adventures.
First on the agenda was pony rides for the kids. Max and Ava thought it was pretty fun. Lia really wanted to do it, until it was her turn. And then she wouldn’t do it. Just when the horse was going back to the stall, she decided she did want to ride it. So, she got her helmet on and got up on the horse. She made it about 5 steps down the path and she was done.
Next up was zip lining. We signed me, Josh, Max, and Ava up to do it. I knew Lia wouldn’t do it and I think she was probably a few pounds too light anyway. Max and Ava were really excited about it, until we watched some other people zip lining. Max changed his mind really fast, but Ava was still stoked.
I finally convinced Max to try zip lining about 15 minutes before our class was starting. We all got harnessed up and headed out the zip line course. We did the test run line and then 5 other zip lines. Two were tree to tree lines and three were tree to ground lines.
Max and Ava loved it! Lia, however, did not enjoy it so much. She was pretty mad that she had to stay with whoever was not currently zip lining. So when Josh was zip lining, she was screaming for him, and when it was my turn she was screaming for me. That girl has got a good set of lungs because I could hear her all the way up in the trees!
The kids loved zip lining so much they wanted to sign up for the advanced course. It was already 2 pm though and we hadn’t eaten lunch. We may do it tomorrow… we’ll see. We regrouped and then hopped in the car and headed to Grants Pass.
We headed straight for Cary’s Chocolate Factory. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but the toffee was pretty awesome. After we bought some toffee, we headed to downtown Grants Pass and wandered through some of the stores. Then we headed to Circle J’s to meet some friends for an early dinner.
Wouldn’t you know it? My kids wouldn’t eat the pizza (which was great!). Well, Lia ate half a piece. They did enjoy drawing on the bathroom walls with chalk though! After dinner, we popped into the Grants Pass Pharmacy which has a working old school soda fountain and still serves old fashioned sold with just flavoring and carbonated water. I got a cherry coke to go and it was fabulous!
After that, we made the drive back to Out n About. I made the kids some microwave mac n cheese and then they headed to bed.
Out n About pony rides – 4 stars: The pony rides were only $10 per kid and the kids seemed to enjoy it. It would have been awesome if we could have done horseback riding with the kids as they were doing their pony rides.
Out n About zip lining – 5 stars: Our friends Nikki and Mike told us we absolutely had to do this while we were here. I was a little iffy, but I’m SO glad we did it! All of the guides were super fun and they were really thorough making sure the harnesses and helmets were on correctly. They were all really great with the kids too, which I was very thankful for!
Cary’s Chocolate Factory – 3 stars: Only because they don’t sell much but toffee. I was totally expecting a full-on chocolate store. The toffee was great though and the lady working there was super friendly and helpful!
Circle J’s Restaurant – 5 stars: The service was good and the pizza was great! The kids especially enjoyed writing on the bathroom walls with chalk.
Grants Pass Pharmacy – 5 stars: The old fashioned soda was super yummy! We wanted to get ice cream too but had to pass since the kids hadn’t eaten dinner yet.
Things I learned today:
1. Stu the rooster wakes up really early.
2. Max absolutely positively will not eat any food that is different from what we eat at home. That goes for different textures, different brands, or just plain old different ways of preparing foods.
3. The water in the treehouse shower never really gets hot. I can’t really complain, because it IS a treehouse, but I was freezing when I took a shower this morning.
4. You should check to make sure there are no bugs or spiders on your shower towel BEFORE you wrap it around your soaking wet body.
5. My kids really know how to trash a car when we are traveling. At least we get to give this one back.
6. Lia is a good tickler (according to Max). She was laying on Josh next to him and starting tickling him under his chin and he was screaming with laughter. Don’t mess with Lia!
Delicious home cooked breakfast at Out N About Treehouses in Oregon.Girl wrapped in a blanket.

This is our treehouse through the trees ๐Ÿ™‚

Awesome Out N About treehouse.Cool horse.Kids pet a horse in Oregon.Girl petting a horse at Out N About treehouses.Girl feeding horses.Toddler feeding a horse.Toddler feeding a horse and laughing.Boy riding a horse.Toddler feeding a horse.Girl riding a horse.Kid riding a horse.Toddler riding a horse.Mom holding son.

Max took this picture ๐Ÿ™‚

Horse in Oregon.Sacred Grove sign at Out N About treehouses in Oregon.Awesome treehouse in Oregon.Boy playing in a pirate treehouse.Girl playing in a pirate ship treehouse.Girl in a treehouse.

Ava took this one ๐Ÿ™‚

Mom tickling son.Portrait of a kid in an Out N About treehouse.Dad tickling son.Kids tickling dad in a treehouse.Boy getting ready to zip line.Girl ready to zipline at Out N About treehouses in Oregon.Girl getting ready to zipline.Girl in a helmet.Zipline gear.Mean face family portrait.Mom in a helmet.Kids pretend boxing.Portrait of a boy ready to zip line.Man zip lining at Out N About treehouses.Little girl zip lining.Boy riding a zip line.Boy riding a zip line at Out N About treehouses.Woman on a zip line.Toddler riding a zip line in Oregon at Out N About Treehouses.Toddler on a zip line.Man low to the ground on a zip line.Awesome wide angle zip line picture.Toddler zip lining.Woman upside down on a zip line.Wide angle zip line shot.Boy zip lining.Toddler holding up a drawing.Circle J Cafe in Grants Pass Oregon.Kid drawing on the walls of the Circle J Cafe in Grants Pass.Chalk drawing at Circle J Cafe in Grant's Pass Oregon.Boy on a flower fire hydrant.Grant's Pass Pharmacy old time soda fountain.Rogue Theater in Grant's Pass Oregon.Awesome old sign in Cave Junction, Oregon.Toddler in a tree house.Kids in a treehouse.Shadows at sunset on a tree house at Out N About treehouses.
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