Josh woke up super early again this morning courtesy of our friend Stu the rooster (5:21 am to be exact). The rest of us managed to sleep through his early morning crowing. When we got up, we packed up the treehouse and headed down to breakfast. Today’s breakfast was just as yummy as yesterday’s!
After breakfast, we played in the treehouse for a bit, then headed down to the zip line courses. Max, Ava, and I signed up to do the advanced course and Josh hung out with Lia. It was much quicker today, especially since it was just the three of us in our group. We flew from treetop to treetop and the kids were thrilled!
After zip lining, we loaded the car, said goodbye to our treehouse, and headed on down the road. We hopped on Highway 199 (Redwood Highway) toward Crescent City. Josh and I drove through the redwoods on our honeymoon eight years ago and thought the kids would love it. We stopped in the forest and took a few pictures. Max was pretty grumpy at the time, so it was a bit of a challenge.
After our redwood adventure, we headed to Crescent City to hit up the Wal-Mart for groceries. We made some sandwiches for lunch and hopped on Pacific Coast Highway headed North. We drove for awhile, then stopped off at a random gift shop in Brookings that had signs claiming it was THE pirate costume headquarters. Um, yes please! We picked up a few goodies for future use πŸ˜‰
Our next stop was at Whaleshead Beach. The kids were itching to get their feet in the water and so were we. Turns out, that was a BAD idea! It was SUPER windy. I mean, really really really windy. And cold! Why is it SO cold?! It’s summer!! We managed to get ALL the way down to the shore and it was a LONG walk.
Just then, a huge gust of wind blew sand straight at us. The kids starting screaming (loud!). I managed to convince the girls to get in the water with me just long enough to get a picture. And then we all ran for it! The wind was pelting us with sand and we were all freezing.
We weren’t feeling too snazzy after our beach disaster, so we continued driving. We stopped at a few places off PCH to snap some pictures, but the kids stayed in the car because it was still pretty cold and windy. (Sidenote, I stayed in the car with the kids while Josh took pictures… don’t worry, we didn’t leave them in the car alone!).
It started getting late, so I started looking for a place to grab some dinner. Josh and I drove PCH all the way down the coast on our honeymoon and I was always sad that we didn’t stop anywhere for fresh seafood. Josh doesn’t eat any seafood, but I love it. So I figured we had to stop this time. I found an awesome sounding place in Bandon called Tony’s Crab Shack.
I found out that if you catch your own crab, they will cook it for you. That sounded fun, so we rented crabbing supplies and headed down to the docks. It was still windy and cold, so we dropped our crab net into the water and ran up to hide inside, except for Josh, he stayed down to learn about crabbing from some nice people on the dock.
After about 10 minutes, we went down and pulled up our net. We caught a crab! They gave us a handy dandy little measuring tool and a guide to tell the gender of the crabs. We could only keep male crabs over a certain size. Everything else had to go back, and this one didn’t make the cut. We tossed our net in again and waited. When we pulled it up, there were three crabs in it. All of them were small females, so we tossed them back in.
By then it was getting late, so we headed back to Tony’s Crab Shack Josh ordered a grilled cheese and I got half a crab and shrimp cocktail. I brought peanut butter sandwiches in for the kids. My seafood was fabulous! I don’t think I’ve had crab legs since I was pregnant with Max.
After dinner, we headed into Coos Bay and got a room for the night. We had planned to do some camping on the beach while we were here, but it is just too cold. I’m a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to hotel rooms, so we opted for the hole in the wall motel that was $30 cheaper than the Motel 6. There’s a reason it’s $30 cheaper, but at least I saved $30 πŸ˜‰
Let’s hope it’s warmer tomorrow!
Redwood National Forest – 5 stars: We only drove through a small section of the Forest on highway 199, but it’s SO awesome! It’s hard to believe the trees are SO big! Definitely a must see if you’re out this direction.
Tony’s Crab Shack – 5 stars: There’s a bait shop attached to the restaurant part and you can rent crabbing supplies there. The guy at the counter was super helpful and friendly. The kids had fun trying to catch crabs. We ordered dinner at the restaurant side and the service was great. The food was awesome too! I’d go here again for sure!
Terrace Motel – 2 stars: They get 2 stars because at least there is hot water in the shower and the beds are clean. Oh, and the internet is fast. That’s about it for nice things to say. But it was cheap and we’ll be out first thing in the morning.
Things I learned today:
1. As much as I hate Walmart, it’s a life saver on a road trip.
2. Pirates are cool.
3. If it’s windy at the parking lot, it’s gonna be just as windy down by the shore.
4. Wind + sand + little kids = bad news.
5. You catch crabs with a net, not your hands. The kids were dead set against catching crabs until they found out we got a net πŸ˜‰
6. Cheap motels are awesome if you don’t care about holes in the blankets, cracked toilet seats, and shower heads that spray water at you at 80 miles an hour.
Family portrait in a treehouse.Mom and daughter in Pleasantree at Out N About Treesort.Mom and boy boxing in zip line gear.Little girl ready to zipline in Oregon.Girl with helemt and harness on for ziplining at Out N About Treesort.Boy ziplining in Oregon.Woman on the zip line.Toddler holding pinecone and a fiber bar.Girl zip lining with guide at Out N About.Mom sending down food via pulley from Pleasantree.Girl petting dog at Out N About Treehouses.Swinging bridge to Pleasantree treehouse at Out N About Treesort.Sign for Out N About treehouse treesort.Family portrait in the Redwood National forest.Kids playing at the foot of a redwood tree.Looking up at the redwoods.Girl sitting on redwood tree in California.Girl peeking through the tree branches in Redwood National forest.Beautiful redwood trees.Mom wrapping up a toddler in her jacket.Dad and son laughing.Heart carved into redwood stump.Toddler being silly.Beautiful Oregon coast.Mom and girls splashing in the Pacific Ocean.Family running from the cold Pacific ocean waves.Mom and kids running on the beach.Toddler playing an iphone game.Mom puts lifejacket on daughter at Bandon docks.Going crabbing on the Oregon coast.Kids walk down dock to go crabbing.Kids drop crab net into the ocean.Brother and sister drop in net to catch crabs.Kids running to check their catch.Brother and sister pulling in the crab net.Kids pulliing up the crab net.One crab and a piece of chicken.Kids dropping crab net into the Pacific Ocean.Boy and girl crabbing.Boy wet and cold.Three kids pulling in crab net in Bandon Oregon.Boy looking for crabs.Crabs caught in a net.Mom holds crab to show kids.A happy family was here sticker in Bandon Oregon.Oregon dungeness crab sticker.We cook your crab Tony's crab shack sign.Half dungeness crab meal at Tony's Crab Shack in Bandon Oregon.Mom with crab claws.Mom pretending to eat a crab leg.Crab mural at Tony's Crab Shack.Sisters wrestling on the motel bed.Tickle fight.Little sister tackling big brother.Little sister tickling her brother.Brother and sister rough housing.Little sister brings down big brother.Little sis victory.Big brother comes crashing down.Mom tickling toddler.Dad snuggling kids. PS. Like following along with our road trips and want to have a fun adventure of your own? Check out our awesome Road Trip in a Box kit. It has everything you’ll need plus our step by step guide on road trippin’ with kids πŸ™‚


  • I was wondering why there was what looked like a chicken thigh in the crab basket. And then I realized it WAS a chicken thigh, and it was probably there for bait.
    This looks like a ton of fun! I love the family picture in the treehouse. Would any of the kids even consider holding the crab? Mine probably wouldn’t either! πŸ™‚

  • The Oregon Coast is beautiful, but after living here for 13 years, I can honestly tell you that I have NEVER been to the coast here and had it be warm enough to play on the beach πŸ™
    I think that is why people here always say that they are “going to the Coast” but never say they are “going to the beach” πŸ™‚
    It’s fun following your trip . .sorry about the cold, windy beach! You have inspired my husband and I (we don’t have kids, but we are still a family, right?) to drive down the coast for an adventure this summer!

  • love love love the treehouse treesort photos!! that place is going on our list of places to visit, for sure!! so, how do we get a hold of some of those “a happy family was here” stickers?? we’re headed out on a trip this week, and would love to take some! and we’ve vowed to let our kids jump on the beds this time. =) thanks for sharing your adventures!

  • Only ONCE have I EVER been to the coast when it was NOT windy and to me that is a rare commodity on the Oregon coast. I have been told there are many days it is not windy, so they lie πŸ˜› (just kidding)
    I will be honest though, winter/early spring are the windiest you missed it all (or did you?) also if you are still on the coast, find a cove that is sheltered, you’ll find less wind.
    Coos Bay/Coquile area is awesome for beaches, there is a state park near there where the rogue river dumps into the ocean its very NEAT to watch fresh water meet with salt water and how it carves into the sand.

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