\ We all got up bright and early this morning except Lia who slept in… thankfully! I’d love to tell you that she was in a stellar mood all day due to sleeping in, but that would be far from the truth. Anyway, we got up and around and headed up the road to the Pancake Mill in North Bend. We had a short wait and then got seated. Our food came pretty quickly… an omelet, bacon and eggs, and oodles of pancakes! We kind of have a thing for pancakes in case you couldn’t tell ๐Ÿ˜‰
After breakfast, we headed for Florence and the Sea Lion Caves. We paid our $40 and headed in. It was pretty cold and windy again today and of course the caves inside are pretty chilly too. So, we didn’t end up staying too long. Max and Ava did get a kick out of seeing the sea lions. Lia was too cold to care.
After the Sea Lion Caves, we continued North on PCH. We pulled off at Devil’s Churn and Josh took some pictures. The kids didn’t want to get out of the car because it was too cold. I finally talked them into it and Lia fell down the sidewalk, so we turned around. We continued driving and stopped off for lunch at Flashbacks in Newport.
After lunch, we kept driving. We were hoping to make it Lincoln City for the kite festival. We drove into Lincoln City and saw a stretch of beach that was easy to walk to. We pulled over and ran out to the water. It was still breezy and a bit chilly, but nothing like yesterday. We all splashed in the water for a few minutes.
Our next stop was Captain Dan’s Pirate Pastries. I figured this was the perfect place to try out our pirate accessories, so we put on our tattoos and eye patches and the kids put on their pirate hats. We headed into the pastry shop. Captain Dan himself was there with his own pirate hat on and the kids got a kick out of that. We bought a few pirate cookies and cupcakes then headed around back to take some fun pirate pictures.
We continued on down the road toward the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We took the self-guided tour quickly… there were only a few people actually working in the factory, so it wasn’t too interesting for the kiddos. Then we headed downstairs, sampled some cheese, bought some cheese, and then got ice cream. The ice cream was great and so was the cheese!
After the cheese factory, we headed to our hotel and attempted to settle the kids to sleep. They of course got super wild and then Lia had a major meltdown that went on for about 30 minutes. We’re going to have to figure out some tactics that work better when traveling with a spirited kid.
Pancake Mill – North Bend, OR – 4 stars: The food was great and so was the service. We’d go again if we were in the area.
Sea Lion Caves – Florence, OR – 3 stars: Hmmm… this place is kinda cool and the kids liked seeing the sea lions. But honestly, I don’t think it was worth $40 for the 20 minutes we were there.
Flashbacks – Newport, OR – 2 stars: The food was mediocre and the service wasn’t very good either. We’ll find a different restaurant next time we’re in Newport.
Captain Dan’s Pirate Pastries – Lincoln City, OR – 5 stars: This place was super fun with it’s pirate theme! Captain Dan was friendly and pirate-y. The cookies and cupcakes were reasonably priced and the kids thought they tasted great! We’ll definitely stop in again if we ever make it out this way.
Tillamook Cheese Factory – Tillamook, OR – 4 stars: This would probably be a lot more exciting during the day when you can actually watch them make cheese. The factory was pretty much empty when we were there. The kids are a little to young to appreciate all the info boards located around the factory. They did enjoy the free cheese samples and the ice cream!
Mar Clair Motel – Tillamook, OR – 3 stars: This place isn’t so bad. It’s definitely nicer than the place we stayed last night! Definitely not worth $95, but everything around here was super expensive. The room is a good size, everything is clean, they have free WIFI, and there’s a pool (that we didn’t take advantage of).
Things I learned today:
1. You can never go wrong with pancakes.
2. Harley riders have a bad rep for being tough and mean, but most of them are pretty friendly.
3. Just because it’s the only thing to do for miles and miles doesn’t mean it’s worth the admission price.
4. Pirate eye patches are actually quite uncomfortable to wear.
5. The Tillamook Cheese Factory boasts the world’s best medium cheddar.
Toddler eating pancakes at pancake mill.Girl eating pancakes with blueberry syrup in Oregon.Boy eating pancakes for breakfast.Girl making silly face with pancakes.Sea lion caves in florence oregon.Toddler wrapped up in a blanket in stroller.Mom and daughter snuggling.Girl looking at sea lions in oregon.Dad and son snuggling.Mom holding up toddler to see sea lions on shore.Sea lions resting on oregon coast.Trees at devils churn.Ocean water coming into devils churn in oregon.Sea spray on oregon rocks.Water splashing at devils churn.Cool rocks and ocean water.Looking out to pacific ocean from devils churn.Dad and kids splashing in pacific ocean.Girl standing in ocean in oregon.Brother and sister jumping in the ocean waves.Mom and kids running from waves.Mom and kids running in the pacific ocean.Cute girl grinning.Little girl splashing in the waves.Girl jumping in ocean waves.Toddler and mom in shallow water.Girl running from waves.Boy splashing in the ocean oregon.Boy running through waves.Pay for yar booty here pirate sign.Family pirate portraitToddler wearing pirate tattoo.Girl dressed as pirate.Girl with cheesy grin and eye patch.Pirate boy with hook and eye patch.Boy playing captain hook.Man dressed as pirate with two eye patches.Man with hook and pirate gear.Mom acting like a tough pirate.Captain dans pirate pastries cupcakes lincoln city oregonCookie from captain dan'sPirate cookie from Captain Dan's in Lincoln City.toddler eating tillamook ice cream in oregonGirl with ice cream and cheesy smile at Tillamook Cheese Factory.PS. Like following along with our road trips and want to have a fun adventure of your own? Check out our awesome Road Trip in a Box kit. It has everything youโ€™ll need plus our step by step guide on road trippinโ€™ with kids ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I love the family pirate portrait. Lia is looking at the rest of you like, “What are you guys doing?” Looks like you are having a ton of fun!

  • New to your blog. I’m really enjoying it. I thought I’d just let you know that your link to “road trips” in your PS is broken when you click on it from your home page. I’ve clicked on a couple more of them and they all don’t work. But they seem to work just fine from the individual comment pages.

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