We got up this morning and headed out in search of breakfast. We searched for Bagels by the Sea… out of business. Then we looked for Pancakes by the Beach… out of business. We finally found some random diner serving breakfast and ordered oodles of pancakes.
After breakfast, we continued on down the 101. We saw a turnout called Hug Point and decided that seemed worthy of a stop. So we pulled over and walked down to the beach. It was a pretty cool stretch of beach. At one end, there were some huge rocks right off the shore and on the other end was a cool little cave. We spent some time running around in the waves even though the water was freezing!!
Our next stop was Seaside. We were actually pretty stoked about Seaside. I got an entire travel book in the mail just about Seaside and it seemed pretty awesome. We arrived in downtown Seaside and headed straight for the bike rentals. Josh and I rented a four person bike earlier this year in California with some of our friends and we knew we had to do it with our kiddos.
We hit up Wheel Fun Rentals and rented a single surrey. There was a little basket in front for the girls to ride in and Max, Josh, & I rode on the seat. Josh and I did all the pedaling, though he would argue that I didn’t pedal at all. We pedaled around town looking at all the shops from our four-wheeled transportation.
Once we turned in our surrey, we headed straight for the carousel. Everything else in the town looked super lame. The kids had a blast riding the carousel and then we headed out of town. No overpriced arcades called Funland for us… no matter how much Max whined.
Our friend Shannon told us about an awesome shipwreck in Warrenton, so we headed there. It took us awhile to find it, thanks to bad directions from Roadside America. Once we got there, we headed down. The kids were leery about climbing on the boat at first, but once daddy got up there, they were ready to go. We had fun climbing on the boat and running up the sand hills.
Next we headed to Astoria. We stopped at the Maritime Museum and climbed on the propellor and anchor out front. We didn’t actually tour the museum since it was about to close. The kids were enamored with the giant bridge that runs from Astoria over to Washington. They were convinced that we HAD to go over that bridge. So, we drove to Washington and then back to Oregon.
We were ready to head to Portland to hang out with our friend Shannon and her awesome family, but Josh wanted to hit the beach one more time. We headed to Cannon Beach and walked like half a mile down the beach so Josh could have Haystack Rock in the background of his pictures.
The kids had an absolute blast splashing in the waves. They played in the freezing cold water for a long time. We finally called it quits when Max got a little too deep and fell completely in the water. They were bummed to say goodby to the ocean, but it was time. We loaded up the car and made the long drive to Portland.
Seaside, OR – 2 stars: Lame. Totally a tourist trap and not even a cool one. We’ll skip it next time.
Peter Iredale Shipwreck – 5 stars: This was a cool old boat washed up on shore and stuck there for over 100 years. The kids loved climbing on it and playing in the sand.
Cannon Beach, OR – 5 stars: It’s just as gorgeous as everyone says and it wasn’t too windy either!
Things I learned today:
1. Just because a restaurant is listed in the travel guide doesn’t mean its actually still open for business.
2. Just because it looks cool in the travel guide doesn’t mean it is actually cool.
3. Even though you look pretty lame when you’re riding in a surrey, it’s actually quite fun, though difficult to maneuver.
Family playing at Hug Point in Oregon.Boy holding a rock.Toddler playing in the sand.Toddler walking on an Oregon Beach.Little girl walking out to the Pacific Ocean.Girl playing in the Ocean at Hug Point.Father and daughter running in the ocean at Hug Point, Oregon.Kids playing in a cave in Oregon.Kids playing at Hug Point, Oregon.Toddler jumping in the ocean.Toddler running into the ocean at Hug Point, Oregon.Kids splashing in the Pacific Ocean.Kids burying rocks in the sand.Girls riding a surrey in Seaside, Oregon.Girls making mean faces at each other.Boy playing on a Surrey in Seaside, Oregon.Happy Family Movement sticker in Seaside, Oregon.Girl riding on the carousel in Seaside.Mom and son laughing on the Seaside carousel.Toddler laughing on the Seaside carousel.Brother and sister holding hands.Girl sliding down the hill at Fort Stevens State Park.Mother tickling toddler at the Peter Iredale ship wreck in Oregon.Father helping daughter walk up the Peter Iredale in Oregon.Father and kids in the Peter Iredale wrecked ship on the coast of Oregon.Girl playing in the Peter Iredale ship.Family portrait in the wrecked Peter Iredale in Fort Stevens State Park.Girl drawing on the beach in Oregon with a stick.Flag on the beach at Oregon.Kids running down a hill.Girl running down the hill at Fort Stevens State Park.Woman doing yoga on the beach.Boy on the Oregon beach.Kid running down the hill and laughing on the beach.Girl trying to move an anchor.Toddler trying to kick the camera.Boy posing on an anchor in Astoria.Girl sitting in an anchor.Toddler laughing.Kids running on Cannon Beach in Oregon.Kids playing on Cannon Beach in Oregon.Kids running in the Pacific Ocean on Cannon Beach.Kids having a blast on Cannon Beach.Cute toddler on the beach.Girl spinning on Cannon Beach in Oregon.Family playing on Cannon Beach in Oregon together.Toddler running on Cannon Beach, Oregon.Toddler running from the waves in Oregon.Kids running in the Ocean at Cannon Beach.Family jumping in the Pacific Ocean together.Boy jumping waves Cannon Beach.Girl digging toes into the sand.Mom making a funny face.Portrait of a girl on Cannon Beach.Kids playing on Cannon Beach together.Father chasing daughter on the beach.Father tickling daughter on Cannon Beach.Toddler shooting the waves.Girl playing in the Pacific Ocean.Portrait of a boy on Cannon Beach Oregon at sunset.Toddler crawling on the beach in the sand.Boy keeping warm with the blow dryer in the bathroom.
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  • Did you guys all get your tetanus shot in preparation for playing barefoot on a rusty old ship? Kidding! I love the family portrait on the ship. Are your kids obsessed with hand dryers too? Love all the photos!

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