Today was a lazy day… oh how we needed that on this trip! We got up and around and headed to downtown Portland with our friend Shannon and her kids Drew and Emmy.
We hit up Voodoo Donuts first. I expected it to be a little strange what with the name and all. It was definitely interesting! The place was decorated with coffins and voodoo dolls. It was an eclectic mix of… interesting.
The kids were amazed at the donut options. Max picked a glazed donut with pink and blue frosting and sprinkles. Ava got one with m&m’s on top and Lia got a glazed with bubble gum flavored icing and piece of bubble gum on top. Drew got a voodoo doll jelly filled long john and Emmy got the Oreo topped glazed donut. Shannon got a long john and I had devil’s food.
After our sugar rush, we walked a few blocks to the waterfront. The kids played in the fountain for a bit and then Drew suggested we rent a surrey. We were all for it, so we rented a double, loaded up, and did the 3 mile loop across the bridge and back.
We worked up an appetite pedaling around, so we headed for the Bridge City Bakery for lunch. We had sandwiches and cookies and the kids had bagels. After lunch, we headed back to Shannon’s house so Lia could take a nap. Boy did she need it!
The rest of the kids played while Lia napped. After her nap, we headed to Juliano’s for pizza (well, not Shannon… she had to work so Chris joined us). We all ate pizza and the kids had fun drawing pictures.
After dinner, we headed to a local park to burn off some energy. We ran and played and climbed and swung on the swings, played some mommy monster and chicken fight. And then we headed back for bedtime.
Voodoo Donuts – 4 stars: This place lived up to the hype. The service was mediocre, but the donuts were great! It’s definitely worth a stop… it’s a very interesting place!
Bridge City Bakery – 4 stars: The service and the food was very good. It’s a lot like a Panera, but with a little less chain-store feeling.
Juliano’s Pizza – 4 stars: The pizza was really good and so was the service. It was a fun place for the kids too.
Things I learned today:
1. My kids would be super happy if all we did was travel to visit friends with kids. They have had a blast playing with Drew and Emmy.
2. If only Lia napped every day, my life would be so much better.
3. Emmy and Drew are fabulous kids and Shannon is an awesome mom.
Drew really wanted to do a guest post for me, so here’s his post. I promised him a link to his account 😉 (
Today we hanged out with the Solars, We went to the Portland Water Front , We road Surreys (Me, My Mom Shannon Sewell, Josh, and Jenny did all the work while Max, Ava, Lia, and my sister Emmy Sewell where chilling. : P ) We tried the famous Voodoo Donuts, They where delicious : ).  We then headed home to rest and had dinner with Shannon’s husband and my dad Chris at Juliano’s Pizzeria. After that we went to the park, I was introduced to the “Mommy Monster” and the Solars where introduced to chicken fights!!! (stand on a beam and try to knock each other off ,Jenny won the Tournament.)  Portland is great!!! P.S. Ava thinks apple sauce likes the floor 😉
Voodoo donuts in portland oregon.Toddler checking out donut selection at voodoo donuts.Rappers delight.Girl holding donut covered in mini M&M'sVoodoo doll jelly filled donut.Bubble gum donut.Voodoo donuts good things come in pink boxes.Kids buckling into old van seat.Kids with donuts.Girl eating a voodoo m&m donut.Up close voodoo man.Menu on the voodoo donut truck.Girl with donut near the sign for voodoo donuts portland oregon.Girl playing in downtown portland fountain.Boy getting wet in the fountain.Naked butt baby in the portland oregon fountainA happy family was here sticker in portland oregon.Girl putting on helmet.Two girls in the front basket of a surrey.Boy with giant helmet on driving surrey.Kids ringing surrey bell.Friends riding in a portland surrey.Happy family movement sticker in portland.Girl climbing on playground.Toddler playing at the park.Toddler running across playground bridge.Girl laughing as daddy tickles her.Little girl playing on rolling log at the park.Girl running at playground.Boy sliding super fast.Boy sitting in tunnel.Little girl crawling.Mom tickling son.Boy laughing snuggling mom.Dad hanging daughter upside down.Girl climbing through play structure.Girl climbing at playgroundBoy playing tag with dad.Brother and sister playing chicken on balance beam.
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  • WHAT?!?!? This is a LAZY day?!?!??!!? You guys are wearing me out!!!!! Hey, heading on our long trek across the states…I might be in need of more STICKERS…any thoughts on where I can get some!? 😉

  • How flippin fun!! We took a trip to Portland on mother’s day weekend, and Voodoo was my Mother’s day breakfast 🙂 Ive got some similar pictures on my blog from our little weekend trip. So fun! Oh and I am dying over that little naked butt in the fountain, adorable!!!

  • It isn’t a road trip without Lia mooning the camera, right?!? LOL! I LOVE Ava’s dress; it is so adorable. Love following along with you guys! 🙂

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