We woke up this morning to rain and gloom in Portland (it’s Portland, so we had to get rain one day, right?). We had planned on heading up to Mt. Hood for the day, but weather.com forecasted a 90% chance of rain. We decided to stay in for the morning and the kids had an epic Bakugan/Littlest Pet Shop battle.
After lunch, we headed to the Kids’ Club and Fitness Center. They have a HUGE indoor play area. We played and climbed for a couple hours. The kids thought it was SO fun! I spent most of the time trying to keep up with Lia… that kid is lightning fast in the play area.
After we attempted to wear out the kids, we decided to take them to Multnomah Falls. We made the pretty drive there and hiked partway up. The waterfall was gorgeous! The kids really enjoyed it and Max wanted to hike all the way up, but we decided that was probably not a great idea. I don’t think the kids would have made it all the way up and then back down.
After the waterfall, we headed to downtown Portland to meet up with the Sewells at The Canvas Art Bar & Bistro. A random facebook follower of The Happy Family Movement recommended it to us. We checked out their website and knew immediately that we had to hit it up for dinner. We ordered some dinner and the kids spent the evening painting, drawing & crafting their little hearts out. Then we headed back to the Sewell’s for bed! All in all, it was a great day 😉
Kids Club and Fitness – 4.5 stars: It was very affordable and the kids had a blast! The great part about the play area is there was only one way out and they had a worker guarding it to make sure no little kids escaped. Drew wanted me to tell you that if you’re taller, you’ll have to bend over or crawl through the tunnels, which hurts your back.
Multnomah Falls – 5 stars: It was a gorgeous waterfall! It was very well maintained and even though it was a steep hike, the path was easy to stay on and there were rails everywhere. We didn’t go all the way up because the kids wouldn’t have made it, but maybe next time we visit, we’ll do it.
The Canvas Art Bar & Bistro, Portland OR – 5 stars: I knew the kids wouldn’t eat the food here, so we brought them some pbj’s for dinner. They really missed out though because the chicken quesadillas were fabulous! The rest of the menu was a little too crazy for us (but we’re not too adventurous when it comes to food!). In addition to serving food, they also sell canvasses and paints/pastels. Overall, it was awesome and we’d be hitting it up often if we lived in the area.  Eco friendly art and great food, what more could one possibly ask for?
Toddler eating breakfast.Kids playing with littlest pet shop toys.Boy playing with Littlest Pet Shop.Kids playing video games.Boy shooting balls at Kids Club in Vancouver, Washington.Toddler playing at Kids Club.Boy shooting balls at Kids Club.Girl shooting balls.Toddler playing at Kids Club in Vancouver, Washington.Kids playing at Kids Club.Boy running through the playground at Kids Club.Kids spinning in a tube at Kids Club.Boy laughing.Happy family movement sticker at Kids Club.Boy shooting balls at Kids Club.Family portrait at Multnomah Falls in Oregon.Multnomah Falls in Oregon.Happy Family Movement sticker at Multnomah falls in Oregon.Kids in front of Multnomah Falls.Kids in front of Multnomah Falls in Oregon.Happy Family was here sticker at Multnomah Falls in Oregon.Little girl with construction cone on her head.Toddler under a construction cone.The canvas restaurant in Portland.Happy family movement sticker at the canvas in Portland.Kid drawing at the canvas.Mixed paint at the canvas in Portland.Toddler painting at the canvas.Kids painting on wood.Girl painting the ocean.Kids painting at the canvas in Portland.Boy painting in Portland at the Canvas.Girl painting at the Canvas.

Max painted Multnomah Falls

Proud boy holding his painting of Multnomah Falls, Oregon.Grab and easel sign at the canvas.

Lia painted Belle (from Beauty & the Beast)

Toddler holding her painting she made at the canvas.Toddler cheesing at the camera.Girl eating on a couch.Model wood dolls.Jot scribble doodle squiggle sign at the Canvas in Portland, Oregon.Toddler playing at the canvas in Portland, Oregon.Boy drawing at the canvas in Portland, Oregon.

Lia was super proud and asked me to take her picture again 🙂

Toddler holding up her painting.Toddler playing peek a boo.Toddler playing peek a boo.

Ava painted Cannon Beach 🙂

Girl holding up her painting of Cannon Beach, Oregon.
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  • One day I am going to travel all across America and when I do I will keep my eye out for your stickers! I look forward to these posts every day! 🙂

  • I love Lia and Ava’s squinchy faces! Please remember Grandmas and Papa’s would love to have grandchildren’s masterpieces, too. Max’s rendering of the waterfalls is wonderfullses and stupendousy! I am tremendousingly impressed.

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