We got a bit of a late start this morning, since everyone (except Josh) slept in. Lia actually got me up at 4 am because she had a bad dream, so I was up with her until about 6:30 am when she and I both fell back asleep. Once everyone was up and around, we ate a quick breakfast, packed up, and headed on our way.
Before leaving St. Louis, we stopped at World’s Fair Donuts. We scoped it out a couple days ago, so we knew we wanted to stop there. It was kinda late for donuts, so the pickins were slim. We managed to find some we’d eat (we’re not too picky when it comes to donuts!) and then we headed on our way.
We made the drive from St. Louis to Louisville on I-64 earlier this year… it’s not any less boring now than it was then. It’s a pretty drive really. I mean, at least there are trees to look at… it could be I-70 through Kansas. But, there’s just not really anything to stop and do along the way.
Have no fear, we Solars make our own fun! Somewhere in the middle of Illinois, we used the side of a gas station as our photobooth background for a pouty face/silly face competition (thanks to Max for the inspiration he gave in the car with an awesome pouty face)….we’ll let you decide who’s the winner 😉
We continued on I-64 through Louisville. We waffled on whether to hit up the Kentucky Derby Museum and in the end decided to pass this time around. Once we got East of Louisville, I pulled up my trusty Roadside America app (it’s the BEST travel app for road trips we’ve found by far).
I started browsing all the fun, quirky things to do and happened upon the Martin Castle. It said “It’s an impressively large castle, and you can spend the night in it.” What what?!
We immediately started heading toward Versailles, Kentucky. We decided that there was no way they were going to have a room available tonight AND there was certainly zero chance that their cheapest room would be available. BUT, we decided to call anyway and find out. Much to our surprise, EVERY room in the whole castle was empty.
We drove to the Martin Castle, now known as Castle Post. We pulled in and there wasn’t a single car there. We tried to open the front door, but it was locked. We finally called and found out that the manager wouldn’t be back for 45 minutes. We headed into town and grabbed some dinner at Halftime Sports Bar & Grille and then headed back to the castle.
We took a little tour and decided to book a room for the night. Lucky for us, since the place was empty, we got upgraded to a fancier room! We wanted to go swimming, but the pool was closed for repairs, so we decided to hit up the hot tub instead. We turned the heat off and the kids splashed around for about 20 minutes.
After our mini swimming adventure, we wandered the grounds playing princesses and knights and taking some fun pictures. And then we put the kiddos to bed. We’re looking forward to exploring the inside of the castle in the morning. And then we are headed to D.C.!
World’s Fair Donuts, St. Louis MO – 3 stars: The donuts were okay… the old fashioned buttermilk ones the girls got were the best. It was about 100 degrees inside the place and in the 5 minutes it took us to get our donuts, we were all melting. I think if we had visited earlier in the day when there were still more donuts left, it might have gotten a higher rating.
Halftime Sports Bar & Grille, Versailles KY – 4.5 stars: The food was great and the service was fabulous! Josh had a cheeseburger and I had a meatball sub.
Castle Post (Martin Castle), Versailles KY – 4.5 stars: I REALLY wanted to give the castle 5 stars. I mean, it’s a freaking castle! The whole place is fabulously well done. When they built and decorated this place, they really paid attention to detail and it is just SO COOL! I’m only giving 4.5 stars though due to lack of attention to detail in cleanliness and such. It is SUPER expensive to book a room here for the night and you would think that they would have everything perfect. Our room was awesome (we even got a free upgrade!), but we had to ask for towels and pillowcases. And there was trash in the bathroom. The pool is broken. I don’t know how long it’s been that way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been all summer. And there were a few things in the bathroom that were broken or didn’t work properly. Either way, stuff like that doesn’t bother us too much (I mean, we’re used to Motel 6, so this is definitely a few steps up!), but I felt it was worth noting. We’re so stoked that we actually got to spend the night in a castle…and we’re the only ones here, so we can’t complain TOO much!
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  • Sorry, Josh, you aren’t the most convincing pouter. I think Ava wins!
    How perfect that you brought along princess dresses and Max’s cape that looks like a knight’s cape!!!
    The castle is gorgeous inside; not what I was expecting.
    So did you bring a camera remote or just run really fast to get in place in the castle balcony? LOL! Okay, so maybe you had some help.
    I’m going to have to set up my timer for some family shots next time we are on vacation. I’m never in any of the photos. Your group shots are always my favorites!

  • Best poutt face award: Ava!!
    Best silly face award: Josh
    And I agree with Rosemary, I love seeing the whole family in the photos. I’m going to have to play with my timer more, or purchase a remote, or start carrying a really simple point and shoot to hand to strangers to take our picture. 🙂

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