We all got up bright and early this morning, thanks to an early bedtime last night! I figured we would get shafted on breakfast, since we were the only ones staying at the castle last night. Turns out I was wrong! They put together a tasty spread of fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, cheese and salmon, donuts, and cereal. We filled our tummies and loaded up the car.
We decided to do a little more castle exploring before heading on our way. We wandered around the rooms inside and then did a little sword fighting out in front of the castle (video to come soon). Then we said our goodbyes to the castle and got back on the road.
We made the drive through Kentucky and into West Virginia along I- 64.  I decided to check out my Roadside America app and see what West Virginia had to offer (after all, we’ve scored some pretty awesome finds via Roadside America lately!!). I was flipping through the choices and saw Hillbilly Hot Dogs. There was no question that we were definitely going to make a stop there for lunch.
We put the address into the GPS and headed North to LeSage, right along the Ohio River. The kids thought it was funny that we were driving in West Virginia, but we could see Ohio right across the river.
We pulled up at Hillbilly Hot Dogs and knew immediately, we had hit the jackpot. There was old rusted JUNK everywhere. We wandered inside and ordered up some (plain) hot dogs and corn dogs and french fries (we weren’t brave enough to try some of their crazy concoctions). While we waited for our lunch, we picked out our seats inside the school bus seating area. We also made sure to add our names to the wall… the walls inside are covered from ceiling to floor with sharpie graffiti.
When our dogs were ready, the girl at the counter rang the bell and hollered out “Lunch bell for Jenny!” We quickly got our food and ate every bite. Before we left, we made sure to ask them to sing their theme song, called “We’ve got a weenie”. You gotta love a song about weenies, right?
After lunch, we hopped back on I-64 to I-79 and made the long drive across West Virginia. It’s a beautiful drive with trees lining the highway the whole way. Other than that, there’s not much to see or do.
Somewhere between Charleston and Clarksburg, we pulled over at a rest stop. I knew we were in need of some fun and it didn’t look like we were gonna find any along I-79. So I dug into our adventure bag and pulled out some water guns. I went inside and filled them up in the bathroom sink and we had a water gun fight right in the field there. It was nicely refreshing during a hot afternoon! (Sidenote: we’re REALLY glad we’re not home in KC right now… they are apparently having a record hot day… hottest day in 27 years! It’s hot here, but not anywhere near that hot!!)  And, we go to cross off another item off of our Summer Bucket List!
After the water gun fight, we hopped back in the car and ate an early dinner of sandwiches. We had scoped out an ice cream shop in Fairmont, but wanted to make sure the ice cream didn’t spoil dinner. We stopped at the Dairy Creme Corner for a yummy snack. I found this place with my Yelp iPhone app. Josh got a strawberry shortcake ice cream bowl and the rest of us had soft serve cones. The kids were really excited because for 42 cents extra, you could get your ice cream dipped in sprinkles (you know, because there’s not enough sugar in ice cream already!).
And we continued on. We had a LONG drive today. We got a bit behind when we decided to stop for the night at the castle last night. But is was SO worth it! Either way, we really wanted to make it to DC today (well, technically Baltimore where our friends live). So we drove. And the kids played games on their leapsters. And they played Stack the States. And they played cars. We played ‘don’t wake up the mommy monster’ and ‘who can fart louder?’. And we drove. They were good. They fussed. They laughed. They threw a couple fits and we even had a few tears. Overall, it was a pretty good day in the car. We were glad to get out of the car when we arrived at our friends’ house!
Hillbilly Hot Dogs, LeSage WV – 5 stars: This was a crazy, quirky little place right on the Ohio River in West Virginia. The food was great, the service was great, and overall it was a fun find! We’ll definitely stop in again if we’re ever out this way.

Dairy Creme Corner
, Fairmont WV – 4.5 stars: It’s pretty hard for us to rate an ice cream shop at less than 4 stars 😉 The ice cream was yummy and the servings were HUGE! The kids’ cones (and mine) were all Baby size (the smallest you can get and only $1.18 each) and it was more ice cream than any of them could even pretend to eat. The sprinkles were a HUGE bonus as far as the kids were concerned. They also served hot dogs, funnel cakes, and all kinds of goodies like that. We just had the ice cream.



  • Ah! I love that you’ve incorporated your Summer Bucket List agenda with your family vacation! And here I thought I’d have to put the Bucket List on hold while we were out of town. Au contraire!

  • Awww, are Josh and Lia dancing like Beauty and the Beast in the castle ballroom? Sweet!
    I was wondering when we’d see some Happy Family Movement stickers! Where is the family shot of the day?

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