We got up this morning and had a yummy pancake breakfast made by Jen… yum! Then we loaded up the car and headed to the New Carrollton Metro Station. We parked and headed in to the station like pros. We bought our daily passes and headed down to the train.
We hopped on the Orange Line to Eastern Market. Josh was determined to find an Abe Lincoln beard and someone sent us a tip on where to get one. We headed down to a store called Backstage. On the way there, we passed a cool used bookstore for kids. Josh headed in to buy the beard and I took the kiddos into the bookstore. The place was called The Playseum and it was SO cool! It was set up like a city and each room had a theme with books and dress up clothes and toys. The kids had a blast running around playing with everything and we even found some great books and a Unites States puzzle.
After our little excursion, we headed back to the Metro and took the Orange Line to Foggy  Bottom. We walked a couple of blocks to where Aunt Diana and Uncle Hugo live. We spent a couple hours eating lunch and chatting with them. Max and Ava worked on their puzzle and played cars. I tried (unsuccessfully) to get Lia to take a nap.
We decided to head out for ice cream. We walked around Georgetown for awhile and ended up at Gelateria Dolce Vita. We ordered two cones and a cup full of ice cream. We sat outside and enjoyed the yummy goodness. After that, we walked some more. We headed up to the Foggy Bottom Metro Station. We had intended to catch the train up to the White House, but changed plans at the last minute.
After consulting our handy dandy iPhone map, we decided our best best was to walk to the Lincoln Memorial, then to the Washington Monument, then to the White House and catch the Metro from there. So we started walking. It was a nice long walk up to the Lincoln Memorial. It started sprinkling when we were almost there.
We rode the elevator up to the top (we were pushing the big stroller) and walked in to check out Abe. It was jam packed in there due to the rain and SO humid! We didn’t last long in there and headed right back down. By that time, it was POURING outside. We waited inside a few minutes, and then decided to make a run for it as it was getting hot and crowded in there!  A little rain can’t stop the Solars from having fun.
We ran through the pouring rain and stopped underneath an overhang to wait out the storm. The rain started slowing down after about 5 minutes, so we started the long trek to the Washington Monument. The girls had SO much fun splashing in all the puddles on the way and so did Daddy. Max just rode in the stroller… I think he was pretty tired today.
We finally made it to the Washington Monument (it’s quite a walk!) and Max really wanted to walk ALL THE WAY up to it. We did and then started heading toward the White House. It was getting late, so we got the kids each a hot dog from a street vendor. We got to the White House and the kids were surprised to learn that Barack Obama actually lives there. Max said “No Ava. That’s not the White House. That’s where Barack Obama lives.” And then I told them it’s the same thing.
They were pretty worn out by this time, even though they mostly rode in the stroller. If you look at the pictures, you can totally tell they were tired! But I think they enjoyed seeing all the sights! After the White House, we headed to the nearest Metro Station, Farragut West. The entrance we went to was closed, so we had to walk a couple more blocks to find the right entrance.
We finally made it into the station, waited a few minutes for our train, and then we were on our way back to New Carrollton. The kids were crazy hyper in the car and when we got back to Jen’s house, they had a blast playing with her kids for a little while, until we made them finally go to bed.
Tomorrow, we are pretty much just hanging out and Josh is doing two family sessions. So don’t expect too much craziness from us tomorrow… but there will be photos of us wearing an Abe Lincoln beard 😉
The Playseum, D.C. – 5 stars: This place was a great accidental find! What a great idea for a used bookstore! The kids had tons of fun playing in all the themed rooms and we found some fun used books and a US map puzzle.
Gelateria Dolce Vita – 4 stars: Good ice cream is not hard to come by in the city! It was a bit pricey, but we were in Georgetown, so that is to be expected. The place was clean, they had tons of flavors, and everyone was friendly.


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