Monday was our last day in DC before we start the trek home.  I think you can tell by the pictures that we’re all pretty worn out.  We’ve basically stayed up too late, partied too hard and ate too much junk for the past 9 days.  Add all that up and you have pretty grumpy kiddos (and parents) and a family who’s ready to sleep in their own beds again (and snuggle Banana).
We did hit up the Bethesda location of Georgetown Cupcake (world famous we’ve been told) and they were quite yummy!  I (Josh) sampled the chocolate mint, vanilla birthday cake, chocolate birthday, chocolate 2, red velvet, blueberry cheesecake and maple chocolate chip.  The chocolate mint was by far my favorite.  And, yes, I’m not ashamed to say I have a sweet tooth.
We also planned on touring the Natural History and American History museums, but we only made it through part of the Natural History Museum before calling it a day and heading home to BBQ with friends.  The dinos were cool, and so was the ocean exhibit, which leads me to believe the rest of the museum was just as sweet, but there were just WAY too many people knocking our little kiddos all over the place.  Seriously, the tourists yesterday were quite rude and we all got fed up with it.
The BBQ and conversations with friends was a great way to end our stay here if you ask me.  So, now, we have to get all packed, loaded and cleaned up before our 3 day drive home.  Keep following along as I’m sure we’ll find some adventure along the way.
Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington D.C. – 5 stars: The place was awesome, I’ll give them that.  It was just a little too crowded and overwhelming for our little ones.  I felt like they kept getting pushed around by the bigger kids (and even some adults), which made it hard for them to actually see a lot of the exhibits.  We only walked through a few wings before calling it a day.
Georgetown Cupcake, Bethesda, Maryland – 4 stars: The cupcakes were pretty delicious and reasonable for high end cupcakes (2.75 each).  The staff was friendly and we even got some free cupcakes for saying what the cupcake of the day was.  We tried a variety of the flavors and are glad we made the trip out of the way to get to the cupcake place.  Would have been 5 stars but the cupcakes didn’t stand out to us as being the “best cupcakes ever.”



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