Today was a rough day. The day we leave to go home usually is. We got up this morning and started packing, cleaning out the car, loading the car, etc. We cleaned up the tornado of a mess that our kids made in the playroom at Jen’s house. And we dawdled. Nobody wanted to leave.
Finally, around 11 am, we decided that we had better hit the road. So we drove. And we drove. And we drove. And we hit awful construction. And it poured rain. And everyone was GRUMPY.
To keep the kids entertained in the car, we let them play with an awesome animated book on the iPad. They also played Stack the States for awhile. Then I busted out some ball guns (that didn’t work very well, by the way). They played with those for awhile. I pulled out some balloons and blew them up small and put on googly eyes. They played with their “aliens” for awhile. We also picked up some 97 cent activity books at Wal-Mart and that kept them busy for about an hour.
So, it wasn’t the most fun day of the trip, but we made it to Columbus, Ohio. We’re meeting up with a friend in the morning, and hopefully we’ll find SOMETHING fun to do tomorrow!



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