Today was the last day of our trip. We got up this morning fully expecting to have another day ahead of us still. We drove to Dayton, Ohio to meet up with our friend Echo. She’s about to have her first baby (like, literally ABOUT to have the kid any day) and was super cute! We met up at a Bob Evans and enjoyed a nice, quiet breakfast. Well, not really… the kids were a little crazy, but what did you expect?
After breakfast, Echo took us to an awesome neighborhood park and the kids ran and played for about an hour. There was an awesome long slide down a big hill. Some kids had brought wax paper to make the trip down quicker and they were kind enough to share with our kids. They also liked the spinny things… we have them at the school playground here. Ava LOVES to get dizzy.
It started getting to be late, so we said goodbye and loaded the kids into the car. And we started driving. After what seemed like hours, we finally made it to Indianapolis. We searched desperately for SOMEthing to do while we were there. We decided against the zoo and the children’s museum since we didn’t want to spend the rest of the day in Indianapolis.
We drove downtown and headed to the Canal. We walked down to the water and rented a paddle boat. We all hopped in and started paddling down the canal. It’s really pretty and it was a nice warm (but not hot!) afternoon, so we really enjoyed the ride. We paddled about a mile down to the end of the canal. The kids loved looking at the ducks swimming in the water and the bridges that go over the canal.
In the middle of a wide area, there’s a fountain that sprays straight up. There was enough of a breeze that it was spraying everywhere. Josh and I looked at each other and then made a beeline straight for the fountain. The kids thought it was SO funny that we paddled through the fountain and they got soaked 😉
After paddling up and down the canal, we loaded back into the car and continued on down I-70 West. We stopped at a Fazoli’s somewhere for dinner. The kids were thrilled to get some plain penne noodles. Josh and I used to go to Fazoli’s all the time back in the day. Back then, they used to have someone walking around with a basket of fresh breadsticks… yum.
After dinner, we got back in the car and started driving. At some point, we decided that we wanted to just get home already. We were tired! So we drove. And we drove. And we drove. It started to get dark, so we busted out the pillow pets and sleeping bags. Lia fell asleep pretty quickly, though not after demanding that we just go home so she could sleep in her bed.
Max and Ava were a completely different story. They fussed and cried for almost an hour! I couldn’t believe it. Well, yes I could. We tried to make the drive from LA to Vegas one time at night when Max was a toddler, hoping he would sleep. He screamed most of the way. It was pretty much how tonight went down. Our kids are just not good at sleeping in the car and I guess that’s not going to change anytime soon.
Well, they finally fell asleep. And then we had to stop for gas. And ALL THREE of them woke up and started crying! Ugh. We made a quick pit stop at a rest stop and they settled back in to sleep. We finally made it home around 1:30 am. Yay!! Home!!
So that’s it for our Washington DC road trip. We can’t WAIT to go back! We have SO many awesome friends in the area who made us feel so welcome and loved!! This was our last (planned) family trip for the year. We’re looking forward to our Disney Cruise in January. As always, thanks for following along on our adventures!
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  • Now see, that is my kind of road trip – just drive til you get there. Well, except I probably wouldn’t have stopped to go paddle boating. (How’d you keep the camera dry?) And I am blessed with a really good traveler. It’s a 9 hour drive to Portland from my house, and she sleeps the first 6, no matter what time of day it is. It’s like the car is her own personal lullaby. I’ll send you sleepy child vibes next road trip you take!

    • Kyle – We just kept it in our lap and hoped we didn’t drop it. And as we went under the waterfall, our paddle boat had a cover 🙂
      We just drove til we got home because we were all SO tired we just needed to get there. We’d NEVER do that on our way to our destination, just on the way home 😉

  • it’s been fun reading your DC road trip adventures! looks like it was a blast! we have yet to do a 10 day road trip, but maybe one day. Ours don’t sleep too well in the car, either…grrrr

  • That slide looks awesome! And we used to do the wax paper trick when we were younger too. It works really well.

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