Note: This post was originally written on Friday, January 27th.
My first mistake was booking the 6:10 pm Friday night flight out of Kansas City. It seemed like a great idea at the time. I figured we could pick Max up right after school and head to the airport. It really was a great plan. I just forgot to factor in the 3 1/2 flight plus the two hour time difference.
The kids were great on the flight. Lia had one minor meltdown and I was able to calm her down in less than a minute. When we landed in LA it was 7:45 pm local time (9:45 pm Kansas City time). We headed down to the baggage carousel to pick up our bags and car seats. Our bags came right out. We waited for our car seats. And waited. And waited. And waited.
Josh finally went into the office and asked where our car seats were. Nobody seemed interested in helping him. After we had waited for a good 30 minutes, I finally went in and demanded to know where our car seats were. After another 20 minutes, they finally decided that our car seats were indeed not in LA.
At this point, I was pretty mad. The kids were whining and crying about being tired. Ava was laying on the floor. We were all exhausted and hungry and it was now 9 pm local time (11 pm KC). I was informed that they would give us some loaner car seats until they found ours. The only problem was all they had available were toddler seats. All my kids are in boosters.
The lady called the manager and she said they would pay for us to take a shuttle from LAX to Corona (where our friends live). She said we didn’t need car seats for a shuttle. I was NOT happy. I made the manager come down to speak to me and I told her there was no way I was leaving without car seats. She didn’t give me any other options.
We went down to wait for our private shuttle. After we had waited about 15 minutes, a Southwest employee came out and told me he had found some car seats in a storage closet. Thankfully, our friend Jen who was picking us up, had waited the entire (almost) two hours, so we were able to ride home with her as planned.
It was after 10 pm (12 am KC) when we arrived at our friend’s house and finally put the kids to bed. The next day, we called Southwest several times. They still had not located our car seats even though I was promised that we would have them by 8 am. It’s a good thing they found us loaner seats at the last minute, or we would have been stuck in Corona all day and unable to visit family as planned.
Our carseats were finally delivered late Saturday evening. Overall, I was pretty unhappy with how Southwest handled the entire ordeal. We’ve ALWAYS flown Southwest and we fly often. We’ve never had anything like this happen. I totally understand that bags get lost, I just wish they had handled it better.
BUT, the good news is we were able to visit Great Grandma Bernice and Great Grandpa Larry! We spent several hours with them on Saturday afternoon. On deck tomorrow, day 1 of our Disney cruise!
kids with their grandparents at ruby's cafe in southern california

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