Note: This post was originally written on Monday, January 30th.
I am SO not loving the two hour time difference right now. Max woke up around 6 am this morning and Lia woke up shortly after. I really thought they would go back to sleep (especially considering how dark it is in our room!), but they didn’t. Ava woke up closer to 8 am.
The kids were all starving so I took them up to the Beach Blanket Buffet to get some food. The breakfast spread was fabulous! They had all kinds of fresh fruit, bacon, sausage, eggs, breakfast burritos, pancakes, french toast, donuts, croissants, and all kinds of breakfast pastries. There was an entire section of yogurt and dry cereal. There was also an omelette station.
The kids devoured their food and then we headed back to the room. They watched cartoons for about half an hour and then we headed to Parrot Cay for our character breakfast at 10 am. The kids didn’t eat much since they had already eaten. I had an omelette and Josh had eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a Belgian waffle. He LOVES breakfast!
The character meal was very similar to the ones at Disney World. You eat at your table and all the characters come by and take a picture and sign autograph books. The main difference was that each character had a “bodyguard” that was rushing them along. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, and Dale all stopped by our table for a super quick picture and then moved to the next table. The kids didn’t seem to notice how short the visits were, so I guess that part doesn’t matter!
After breakfast, we headed to our room to get our swimsuits on. The kids had been dying to go swimming, so we figured this was a good time. We got ready and headed up to Deck 9, straight for Mickey’s Pool. Unfortunately, when we arrived, they had just closed off the pool because someone had an “accident”. Totally not Disney’s fault, but still disappointing.
The kids still wanted to swim, so we headed to Goofy’s Pool. It’s 4 feet deep and slightly bigger than a bathtub. Seriously. I mean, I guess it’s not QUITE that small, but let’s just say I think Disney dropped the ball here. This pool was smaller than most pools you see in somebody’s backyard. And it was swarming with kids. Josh hopped in with the kids and they “swam” (aka splashed in place) for about 20 minutes. By then, they were pretty chilly. And grumpy.
We headed down to the room and decided it was a swell time for a nap. Josh headed up to the fitness center to sneak in a quick workout and I separated all the kids into different areas of our connecting rooms. I shut off every light in the whole place and the kids all drifted off to sleep. I tried desperately to sleep too, but there was this beeping noise that was just driving me crazy! I could not figure out what it was. (Josh later figured it out… one of our wave phones had a low battery and was beeping to let me know.)
The kids ended up sleeping for a couple hours. Since our connecting rooms are inside rooms, there are no windows. This makes for great (aka dark!) napping conditions!
After naptime, we headed to Deck 9 to get the kids some pizza and hot dogs (and oodles of fresh fruit!) for lunch. It was our only option (besides room service) since it was so late in the afternoon.  After they ate a quick lunch, we headed to the Oceaneer Club for open house Storytime with Belle.
When we first signed the kids up for the kids’ programs, I thought that we would be able to hang out with them in the Club and the Lab anytime. It turns out that parents are only allowed during open house times. They do have an open house for several hours everyday, but it’s not as often as we would have liked.
Max and Ava didn’t care much about listening to Belle, so they ran around and played while we listened to the story. Lia wore her Belle princess dress and sat mesmerized. I was a little disappointed that she didn’t stay for pictures, but it looks like there will be photo opportunities tomorrow.
Next, we took the kids to the Oceaneer Lab. We checked them in and hung out for a few minutes. Max and Ava decided to stay for the Around the World in 7 Days activity. Lia did not want to stay… This was not a big surprise. They loved the activity by the way and both made a paper version of the Eiffel Tower.
I was starving by this point, so Josh, Lia, and I headed to the Beach Blanket Buffet to grab a quick bite to eat. It was not open for dinner yet, so we headed back to the room and I ordered a chicken fajita rollup from room service. Josh decided to take Lia for a quick swim.
Room service came fairly quickly and the food was good. Josh and Lia came back from the pool a little chilly but they had fun. The pool was empty since it was cold so they had it all to themselves and just as they were leaving, thick fog started rolling in.
We got dressed quickly for dinner, picked up the kiddos, and headed to the Walt Disney Theatre for the show. Tonight’s feature was the Golden Mickey’s. They had a red carpet set up and several cast members dressed up as paparazzi.
The show was staged like an awards show similar to the Oscars. They gave away Golden Mickey awards and there were tons of live musical performances from various Disney movies. Most of the songs were from older Disney movies like Mulan and 101 Dalmations. The kids enjoyed the show even though they didn’t know a lot of the songs.
After the show, we headed to the Wavebands lounge to watch Brad Ross the magician (the same guy from last night’s show). He put on a full half hour magic show and the kids just LOVED it. They were shrieking with laughter. Seriously, shrieking.
After the magic show, we headed to dinner at Parrot Cay. Josh and I both ordered the herbed steak with baked potato. I also had an amazing mixed green salad with pears and Josh had strawberry bisque. For dessert, I had cheesecake and some amazing chocolates mousse cake concoction. Josh also had the chocolate goodness and some crème brûlée. Carlo, our server, did a trick where he balanced forks on a toothpick on top of a wine bottle, and the kids just could NOT believe it!
After dinner, we tossed the kiddos in bed and watched Captain America on tv before crashing.
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  • What is Josh wearing on his head? Lol! I love the one of grumpy looking Lia being hugged by Chip or Dale. That is a typical look I get from Lucas while trying to get his photo! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  • Is that Lia lying on the floor with her gocky at the magic show? 🙂 made me smile. And that deck…seemed so beautiful and serene. I would have plopped myself right there with a deck chair and been happy all day! Fun

  • We did the Disney cruise five years ago with 63 family members, more than half were children! And matching shirts, courtesy of my moher -in-law. It was magical! American Airlines may never recover…

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