Note: This post was originally written on Friday, February 3rd.
Okay, so today was better. Thank goodness! I was pretty sure today was not going to be a good day. Josh went to bed early last night, but he was up almost ALL night really sick. I have to say, I really thought I would be the sick one on the ship, not him. He can’t decide if he thinks it’s seasickness or if he thinks the food is making him sick. Either way, it’s not fun. And since he didn’t sleep much, neither did I. (Sidenote: now that the cruise is over, he’s certain it was actually seasickness).
The kids, tired as they were, were up bright and early again today. They were all up by 8 am and we headed up to the Beach Blanket Buffet for breakfast. We ate quickly, packed up our things, and headed down to Deck 1 to catch a tender to shore in Cabo. Our cruise was originally scheduled for 1 day in Cabo and 1 day in Mazatlan, but Disney has changed the itinerary due to dangerous tourist conditions in Mazatlan. So, we were in Cabo again today.
The process for getting off the ship was much quicker today since there were less people getting off the ship and we arrived earlier in the day. It only took us about 15 minutes to get through security, onto the tender, across the harbor, and through customs. We kept a wary eye out for the balloon dealing clown as we made our way through town. (We did not see him today).
We wanted to go to Lover’s Beach and I thought we could get there via the $2/person water taxi. WRONG! The guy told me it would cost $10/person round trip, BUT he would do it for only $30. I talked him down to $25 and we were on our way. It took about 5 minutes to get over to Lover’s Beach (can you believe they were going to charge me $50 for that?!). We got off the boat (with some help… tip, tip, tip) and up onto the shore.
The rocks on Lover’s Beach are breathtaking from far away, but even cooler up close! It reminded me very much of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. The kids loved climbing on all the giant rock formations, chasing the seagulls, and peering into the caves (they were too scared to actually go inside).
We were told that it is not safe to swim at Lover’s Beach, though there were a lot of people (and kids) in the water. On the opposite side of the beach, there are giant signs warning of danger, but not on the side facing the harbor. We let the kids splash in the waves at the very edge of the shore, but we did not let them go in past their ankles. I wasn’t going to take a chance.
We were over there for about an hour and then our water taxi came back for us. I was pretty worried that he might not come back and we would be stranded over there or have to pay someone else to take us back. But much to my surprise, he showed up right on time and drove us back to the harbor.
We had some time left, but not enough to go to Medano Beach (where it is safe to swim). We decided to look around in the shops. The kids wanted to buy everything. We luckily somehow convinced them not to buy anything. They had seen some Angry Birds shirts in the shop right outside the customs area yesterday that they REALLY wanted. We walked by there again today and both Max and Ava picked up a shirt for $10 each.
We got on the next tender back to the boat and headed straight for the Beach Blanket Buffet. They did not have much that appealed to us today, though they did have a baked potato bar. Josh and I both ate that for lunch. The kids didn’t like the macaroni and cheese since it was different (white cheese vs orange cheese). So we ate quickly then headed to the room to order orange mac n cheese through room service.
I got tired of waiting for the food, so I took the kids up to swim in Mickey’s Pool. Nobody peed in it today, so they actually got to swim (yay!). Josh brought the food up once it arrived. The kids had a blast splashing and playing in the pool. It was pretty crowded, but they didn’t seem to mind. I let them take turns filming with the GoPro and they thought that was pretty cool too.
After swimming, we headed down to our room for a quick bath and a much needed nap! Luckily, they all slept today. After nap, Max wanted to go to the Oceaneer’s Lab. Josh dropped him off there and then I took Ava to Mickey’s Mates (the gift shop). Let me tell you, taking one kid in the gift shop is WAY less stressful than taking three! We puttered around in there for awhile until Ava finally decided on a Peter Pan playset. (Sidenote: she came with the most money since she had $25 left from her birthday, but in true Ava style, spent the least. Max and Lia both spent every penny.)
Josh woke Lia up shortly before 6 pm. Ava and I picked up Max, then headed back to the gift shop. Max was itching to spend his last ten bucks and he found a pirate gun, so that was that.
After the spending spree, we headed to the Walt Disney Theatre for tonight’s show, Disney’s Dream. The show was AWESOME! It was a story about a girl named Ann Marie who had a dream to fly. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell came to teach her how to follow her dreams, with appearances by Ariel, Belle and the Beast, Cinderella and her prince, Sleeping Beauty and her prince, Timon and Pumbaa, Aladdin, and of course, Mickey and Minnie. The show has won the Emerald Award, which is given to THE best show on a cruise ship. I can see why as it was excellent!
After the show, we were heading down to Wavebands for the ventriloquist show. Lia insisted that she must go to the gift shop, so I took her. She bought a pin lanyard (princess of course) and we headed to the pin trading station. I had bought a pin earlier in the trip, but I didn’t notice it said 2011 on it (that would explain the low low price of $2.99!). Anyway, Lia traded it for a Belle pin and the lady gave her a castle pin as a freebie. She said she needed at least two pins to get started. Lia was beyond ecstatic.
Then, we headed to the show. Michael Harrison put on a magic and ventriloquism show (Seriously, take a minute and watch the youtube video… SO hilarious!). The kids LOVED it! He had a tennis ball and a tennis racket that he used as puppets. Then he brought out a stuffed vulture. And the kids just couldn’t stand it. Even Lia was cracking up! I think they liked this show even better than the magic show. We stuck around for about 10 minutes of the dance party after the show before we headed to dinner.
Dinner tonight was at Parrot Cay again. (FYI, it’s pronounced Parrot Key. Not sure why, but just a heads up so you don’t sound like an idiot like I did!). Carlo brought us Indian food again, but this time as an appetizer. I also had a crab cake, a salad, and lobster! I had never eaten lobster before, but it was awesome! Josh had chicken fettuccine with cheddar sauce. Dessert was chocolate lava cake. Carlo did some magic tricks for the kids and they were in heaven. He blew bubbles and magically turned them into bouncy balls and the kids were just wide-eyed! We headed straight for bed after dinner.
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  • So Lia kept her underwear on in all the photos? Lol! I think it is so cool that Disney hires people that obviously love and are very good at their jobs. Like your server, he obviously is very good at entertaining the kids. 🙂

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