Note: This post was originally written on Saturday, February 4th.
Lia got up bright and early this morning. Josh took her up to the Beach Blanket Buffet for breakfast. They brought back a giant tray of food for Max and Ava. I got up shortly before breakfast was over and ran upstairs to get some food too. Max and Ava woke up, we all ate, and I started packing.
Josh took Max to the Oceaneer’s Lab to play with his new friend Luka. He took the girls to the Oceaneer’s Club for open house play. They ran around playing on the pirate ship playground. Once open house was over, Josh took Ava to the Lab to hang out with Max and Luka. Lia didn’t want to stay, so she came back to the room with Josh. I finished packing up and Josh headed out for some fresh air.
Lia and I met our new friend Trina and her daughter Rowan who were already in line for the princesses. We chatted and waited for almost an hour and then took pictures with Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and Cinderella. Lia looks mildly scared or unimpressed in her pictures with the princesses, but she was just being shy. Every time she was done with a picture, she came running at me with a giant grin on her face! After that, we picked up Max and Ava, met up with Josh and Trina’s husband Brad and their son Adam for lunch.
We headed up to the Beach Blanket Buffet for the seafood lunch buffet. I was pretty excited about this one… crab legs, shrimp, fish… that’s my kind of buffet! The fish was dry and overcooked and the crab legs weren’t too good. The shrimp was great though!
After lunch, we headed to Wavebands for the 2 pm show with Michael Harrison. He did another ventriloquism and magic show and then he showed the kids how to do a couple tricks. He also did a short lesson on ventriloquism. They really enjoyed it!
After the show, Max wanted to go back to the Oceaneer’s Lab with Luka. The girls wanted to go swimming with Rowan and Adam. So Josh dropped Max off and I took the girls to the Mickey pool. The girls had a blast splashing in the pool with Rowan and Adam while Max did marshmallow olympics with Luka in the Oceaneer’s Lab.
We decided to skip naptime today since it was our last day of the cruise. After swimming, Josh picked up Max and all the kids took a bath. It was very handy having two staterooms (and two bathtubs!) when it came to bathtime. The tubs are way too small for three kids, so we split them up and they still bathed at the same time, just in different rooms.  Once everyone was cleaned up and dressed, we headed down to the Promenade Lounge for the Mix, Mingle, and Dance family event. It was pretty much empty and not what we were expecting. So we decided to wander around the ship a bit and take some pictures.
Around 6 pm, we headed to the Walt Disney Theatre for our final show, Remember the Magic. There were some performances from the Disney characters, along with another hilarious show by Michael Harrison, the ventriloquist. After the show, Max started crying. It was SO sad. He was crying saying he didn’t want the cruise to be over. That turned into him crying because he wanted to buy some Mickey hands from the gift shop. He had already spent his money, but he convinced Ava to buy them with her money.
So, we went to gift shop once again. We bought the Mickey hands. And then, we went to dinner. Dinner tonight was at Triton’s. Josh had steak and I had a shrimp appetizer, a spinach salad, and orange roughy. For dessert, we had chocolate decadence and strawberry cheesecake. Josh also had some baked Alaska.
We finished up dinner and headed to the lobby for the Till We Meet Again final farewell. The kids took a picture with Mickey and got in line for Donald. Unfortunately, we were a few people back in line when they pulled all the characters for the final hurrah. All the characters waved goodbye and bid us a “see you real soon!” The kids were exhausted, so we headed to the room for bed. I can’t believe how quickly this week went by. Vacations always seem to fly by, but this one really went fast!
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