Sunday was a light day for us. Josh and I both had wedding hangover (this is an industry term for the complete mental and physical exhaustion you feel the day after shooting a wedding), so we weren’t too crazy that day. We got the kids some breakfast and then I took them out for a quick Target run so Josh could transfer and backup all of the wedding pictures.
After we got everything taken care of, we headed down to the Harbor Walk to peek around in all the shops. We fed the fish off the docks, looked at all the big boats, and searched and searched (unsuccessfully) for a Florida state-shaped patch. We headed back to the hotel to grab some lunch. Then we headed back to the Emerald Grande to meet up with our cousins. We all boarded the Emerald Grande water taxi to the beach.
It’s a nice private little strip of beach and they had people there setting up beach chairs and umbrellas. The kids played in the water, chasing minnows and attempting to boogie board. There weren’t really any waves over there, but they tried. After a couple hours, we caught the water taxi back to the Emerald Grande and grabbed a quick dinner. We loaded the kids in the minivan and set off to find a nice strip of beach to fly our kites.
We drove and drove and finally happened upon a great little spot. We got the kites out of the car and headed down to the water’s edge. I picked up the kites at the dollar store, so of course two of them didn’t work. We managed to get one kite flying high though and I found another tiny one in the car. We flew kites on the beach and splashed in the waves for almost an hour. It was starting to get dark, so we decided to head back to the hotel.
We had spied a Yogurt Mountain earlier that day, so we decided to stop and get some frozen yogurt. The kids were in awe at all the flavors and all the toppings! It was really awesome to be able to let them each get their own without getting giant servings! We devoured our frozen yogurt and then headed to the hotel to crash.
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  • It’s not a road trip without some obligatory half naked Lia photos! That beach is just gorgeous!

  • Ah, the beach and ice cream look so fun!
    And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who experiences “wedding hangovers”. The day after I’m usually just a lumpy puddle + mega thirsty + famished and eat everything in site.

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