Monday was a fabulous, fun-filled day! We started the morning off right with a dozen donuts from The Donut Hole. They were totally worth the calories, in case you’re wondering. We had planned on spending the morning at The Track, so we picked up our donuts and headed over there. It turns out they open at 10 am, not 9 am. So we camped out with our donuts and waited.
I had done my research, so I bought our ‘points’ online and saved 10%. We bought the 72 point package, which gave us just enough points to ride the smaller go kart track, the big wooden go kart track, the bumper boats, and one round of mini golf for the kids. Not bad for $60! The Track is AWESOME because the kids get to ride free if they are too little to ride by themselves (and all three of them were too little!). We made our $60 last about 2 hours. We almost melted from the heat during mini golf, but other than that, we had an absolute blast! We’ll definitely do it again!
We had 3 points leftover, so we got a few more so the kids could do the kiddie go karts. Lia was too little for the go karts, so she rode the airplanes instead. After our morning fun, we headed to the hotel to grab some lunch and rest. The kids weren’t too thrilled about resting, but I think it was good for them (and us)!
After an hour or so, we loaded everyone in the minivan and took off for the legendary Highway 30A. We drove and drove until we found the perfect spot to hit up the beach. We parked the car and the kids practically ran down to the water. We spent a couple hours building a sand castle and boogie boarding. The water is crystal clear and warm enough to play in, which makes for a pretty awesome day at the beach! There was a sandbar out off the shore, so we took turns taking the kids out there to catch the ‘big’ waves on their boogie boards.
Max and Ava were all about the boogie boarding, but Lia was a little leery. I knew she REALLY wanted to do it, because she kept carrying her board to the edge of the water and watching. But every time I asked her if she wanted to do it, she said no. I finally convinced her and we started off in the really shallow waves. Once she got the hang of it, she got brave and even went out to the sandbar a few times!
We stayed at the beach until we were all practically starving. The beach will do that to you. We knew we wanted to find some good pizza. I had done some searching and we finally decided on Bruno’s Pizza. Their website boasts ‘the best pizza on 30-A!’. I didn’t try any other pizza, but I have to say, I think they’re telling the truth! The pizza was SO good and so were the garlic knots!
After dinner, we headed back toward Destin on 30-A. We made a pit stop at the Grayton Beach State Park to do a little exploring. We walked along one of the dune trails, which led up into a really neat area with some really unique looking trees. We played around for a little bit and then decided to head on since it was getting dark and a storm was heading in. When we left, we made a beeline for the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery to get some tasty ice cream. We’d heard good things about this place and we scoped it out on our way to Bruno’s. The ice cream didn’t disappoint!
After we downed our dessert, we made the drive back to the hotel and crashed!
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Josh’s Note: Last photo added because it somehow slipped through the cracks…I love my wife 🙂

Woman in a tree in Grayton Beach State Park.

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  • these shots SO capture what I remember of Florida – looks like you’re having a blast! Donuts are ALWAYS a good idea and love your gals hair 🙂

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