Tuesday morning we got up and headed out early. We tossed the kids and the boogie boards into the car and drove off in search of a good beach spot. Now, you may be wondering why we kept going to different beach spots. There’s a lot of coast in Destin and we wanted to see as much as possible! And each little piece of the beach we visited was different.
We found a good spot and spent the morning boogie boarding and splashing in the waves. I’m telling you, we just belong at the beach. We made lunch plans to meet some friends, so we had to drag ourselves away from the beach to go eat. We met up at Another Broken Egg Cafe for pancakes, Cinnamon roll french toast, and eggs. The food was yummy and we are always thrilled to meet up with new (and old) friends! Thanks for the invite Nichole!
After we devoured our breakfast-for-lunch, we headed over to the Harbor Walk. We had been waffling for days about whether or not we should do a dolphin cruise. Most of the ones we had seen would have cost us close to $100 and we weren’t sure we would get that much enjoyment from it. When we headed out on Tuesday morning, we decided we just had to do one, so I started calling around until I found one that worked for us.
We ended up booking the dolphin cruise on the Sea Blaster. We got to the Harbor Walk a little early and got in line to get on the boat. Sidenote: I’m REALLY glad we did this. Because we were near the front of the line, we were able to snag seats in the front of the boat, which was THE BEST place to sit! So we got on the boat and I glanced over at the other dolphin cruise boat that was sitting three spaces over. In my mind, I thought, “oh, so that’s the difference between the $60 cruise and the $100 cruise… that boat has shade”. We were melting hot sitting at the dock loading. Once the boat got going though, it was great!
We took the 1 1/2 hour cruise and it was just perfect! The captain took us on a little tour of the Destin harbor and then we headed out to sea. Before we even got past the breakers, we found a dolphin family of five, including TWO babies!! We hung out for probably 10-15 minutes in that area watching the dolphins swimming around the boat. When the dolphins moved on, so did we. We went out just a ways past the breakers and saw quite a few more dolphins. The kids were beyond ecstatic and I was patting myself on the back for finding such a great dolphin cruise!
After we spent some time watching the dolphins, the captain drove the boat out into the wide open sea and let all the kids on board take a turn driving the boat! The kids thought this was just the most awesome thing ever! They had two guys on board that were in charge of drinks and they were hustling around almost the entire time keeping people’s beer, wine, water, & soda filled up. The service was excellent! They even had a couple of squirt guns that they randomly soaked people with. Overall, the experience was excellent and we would definitely do it again!
After our dolphin cruise finished up, Papa really wanted to let the kids ‘pan’ for gems. So we stopped in at the panning booth. (Sidenote: good thing I wasn’t paying! $26 for two bags filled with some “gems”, some “fossils”, and a whole lotta dirt! Yay for grandparents!) The kids did the panning thing and each scored a small bag of fossils and gems. Then we loaded up the minivan and headed to our friend Amy’s house for dinner and backyard fun. We spent the evening at her house, laughing and playing, and chatting. When it got to be way too late, we decided we had better head on back to the hotel. Josh was excited he got to play with Amy’s sweet Mamiya/Polaroid back combo (Josh’s note: I will own one of those cameras one day…so much fun!)
Boogie boarding in Destin, Florida.Kids having fun in the Destin, Florida beaches.Kids having fun on a dolphin cruise in Destin, Florida.Sweet dolphin cruise in Florida.Kids driving a boat on a Dolphin cruise in Florida.Sea Blaster dolphin cruise in Destin Florida.Fun family pictures on a trampoline.
Mamiya camera and polaroid back.

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  • So, I was under the assumption that the Polaroid back was crazy expensive (like the digital back is – something like $10k), but it’s only $250! So I just purchased it with some film. Eeek!! Thanks for talking about it in this post. If your road trip brings you to Sonoma you can play with it here.

  • So glad y’all had time to come hang! I was recalling Noelle tapping your head while we talked in the living room & how awesome it was that you were unphased by it. Lol! A mom after my own heart:). Have an awesome weekend, Solars. PS I’m going to plaster Bonnaroo w HFM stickers next week. I’ll send ya pics. Xooo

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