We woke up Friday morning and got stuff ready to head to Breckenridge. The kids spent the morning watching cartoons, playing on the swing set, jumping on the trampoline, and building Legos. Once we got everything ready, we loaded up two minivans with six kids and four parents and  headed on I-70 West toward Breckenridge.
We took the scenic route via Route 6 and stopped off at Loveland Pass, which is the Continental Divide. It was super chilly so we only stayed a few minutes. I was terrified for part of the drive when were on the winding, mountain roads that don’t have a guard rail. I’m always afraid that we’re going to fall off the cliff and never be heard from again. We continued on to Breckenridge. Our friends, the Wears, have a family place up there that they lovingly refer to as “mountain house”. To say the mountain house is awesome would be an understatement. It is SO cool! It’s huge and beautifully furnished AND the view is spectacular!
The kids explored the place and played Legos for awhile. We really wanted to head into town to ride the gondolas up to Keystone, but it started raining. We hung out for awhile, waiting for the storm to pass. Then we headed up to Keystone. We walked around and the kids played. They shut the gondolas down due to lightning and thunder right before we got up there. We walked around trying to wait it out, but the weather just got worse and worse.
We decided to head back to the mountain house and have a quiet evening (well, as quiet as you can have with six kids under the age of 8). We picked up a couple of pizzas from Northside Pizza on the way to the house. We ate some dinner, let the kids play for a little bit, and then we put them down to bed early. They went to sleep pretty quickly considering they were all sleeping together. After the kids were all asleep, we had whole fruit margaritas, guacamole, and relaxed in the hot tub.
We got up bright and early the next morning and ate breakfast. Then we headed out to Peak’s Trail with all ten of us and their dog Finley. We spent a good hour and a half hiking and exploring the trail. Colorado is SO beautiful! The kids had a blast running all over the place, collecting big sticks and climbing on old dead trees.
After our hike, we headed back to the mountain house to pack lunch for the kids grab our swimsuits. Then we headed into town and rode the gondolas halfway up the mountain. Our kids loved the gondola! They were shrieking with joy and throwing their hands in the air. It was pretty funny. We bought our tickets to ride the Alpine Slide ($62 for our whole family!) and went to ride the ski lifts up the mountain.
We decided to go up in 2 groups so that we could take photos of everyone sliding. Michelle and I headed up first with Max, Coda, Oliver, and Lia. They would only let two people ride the ski lift together, so Max and Coda had to ride together. I was terrified that they would fall out , but they made it to the top safe and sound. We sent the older boys down first, racing next to each other, and then Michelle and I followed behind, with our little riders. The Alpine Slides are 2600 feet long and SO fun!! We FLEW down that mountain!
When we got to the bottom, they closed the ski lifts and the slides due to rain. We had the makings of an epic disaster on our hands. We decided to grab a quick lunch for the adults and wait for the slides to open back up. We only waited about 15 minutes and then Ava and Holden were able to ride with Josh and Zach. They had fun too (although Josh and Ava got stuck behind someone going super slow).
After our slide riding, we rode the gondola back to the Grand Lodge on Peak 7. Our friends had day use privileges, so we decided to go swimming at their giant indoor/outdoor pool center. The kids had fun on the slide outside, but there was more thunder and lightning shortly after we started swimming, so we moved inside.
After we swam for awhile and then showered up, we visited the arcade at the Grand Lodge. The kids played ski ball, basketball, ping pong, and a couple other things. We took a shuttle bus back to the parking lot and headed home. We stopped off at the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and then Zach grilled hot dogs, brats, and chicken when we got back.
The kids were wiped out, but it was only 5 pm after we finished eating dinner. We loaded them up and headed to downtown Breckenridge. It’s everything you could hope for in a ski resort/mountain town main street. There were tons of cute little shops selling Colorado and Breckenridge souvenirs, and of course, tons of restaurants and cupcake shops/cookie shops/bakeries. We stopped into Mary’s Mountain Cookies and then we all went into sugar overload. (One of the perks of spending time in a new place with locals is that they know ALL the best places!)
After we finished our cookies, we headed to Peekaboo Toy Store. The kids played and looked around and our kids used their allowance to buy something. They had been dying to spend their money since the minute we left Kansas City. It took FOREVER for the kids to pick something out, but they finally did and then we headed home for the night.
The kids were exhausted, but that didn’t stop them from playing musical beds for half an hour. Nobody could decided which bed they wanted or who they wanted to sleep next to. Most of them ended up sleeping on the floor. By the time we got them all asleep, we were pretty tired as well. We chatted for a bit, then headed to bed ourselves.
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  • I swear… your kids are gonna have the best childhood photos ever!!! This is soooooooo awesome 🙂 Only a few more weeks until we get in on the action. Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ditto Aunt Julie: I’d like to be one of your kids, too.
    Just wondering though. Didn’t I send enough cookies, especially choc. chip, that you all would have chosen something new? By the way, how long did they last?

  • Hi!
    What a wonderful, positive, uplifting purpose your blog has! So great to see!
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blog posts about Keystone to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you 🙂

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