We got up fairly early Sunday morning, but it took us a couple of hours to get ready and get on the road. I think were all a little sad about leaving the mountain house. We crammed a ton of fun into two days in Breckenridge!
We started making our way Westbound on I-70. We had to make a pit stop at Target, which took forever. We finally got on the road and made it to Grand Junction, Colorado by early afternoon. We were thrilled to find out that there was a Chipotle there! Josh ran into Best Buy to buy a new power inverter so we could power our electric cooler, and then we grabbed a quick lunch at Chipotle.
We kept driving and stopped off at the Harley’s Dome viewing point off I-70 right past the Colorado/Utah border. There were some great big rocks that the kids climbed on and a scenic overlook. We spent some time hanging out, letting the kids run around and burn off some energy.
Then we continued driving on I-70 until we picked up I-6 toward Salt Lake City. We drove and drove and drove and it seemed like we were barely covering any ground. The kids were pretty good most of the day, though we did have a few times when we thought everyone was going to have big fat meltdown all at once. We made it through and hopped on I-15 headed towards Josh’s sister’s house.
We arrived later than planned, but still with plenty of time before bedtime. The kids ran through the sprinklers, terrorized Aunt Michelle and Uncle Fred’s dogs Coco and Tango, took turns sitting on Uncle Fred’s Harley, and ran up and down the hallway. Then they crashed!
We got up Monday morning and started driving toward Portland. We knew we’d never make it that far, but that was our next destination. We drove and drove. We stopped off at a random rest stop and let the kids run around while I made sandwiches for lunch. The kids were having a grand old time in the backseat playing rock paper scissors, thumb war, some game they made up involving smashing sheep, and pretend games on their “iPhones” that they made out of paper.
We checked out our Roadside America iPhone app and found the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. I took a quick glance at their website, and we decided that we had to stop. We made plans to stop in Boise for the penitentiary and dinner. When we got there, we paid our admission fee and spent a good hour or so wandering the grounds and checking out all the jail cells and other buildings. It was really pretty neat and definitely worth the $13 we paid to get in.
After the penitentiary, we headed to Flatbread Community Oven for dinner thanks to a recommendation on Facebook. We lucked out as it happened to be happy hour and all their mini pizzas (they call them pizzetas) were on sale super cheap. The pizza was great, though Max and Ava didn’t quite agree. Max was crying about the flour on the crust and I had to brush it off. Ava said she didn’t like it because Max didn’t like it.
The kids were super wild and crazy at dinner, and I’ll admit I had a bit of a mommy meltdown. We loaded up the car and continued toward Portland. They were pretty hyper in the car as wellโ€ฆ antagonizing each other and being extra loud. We finally decided to let them play on the iPhones and iPad for a little bit. We don’t like to do that a lot, but occasionally it helps them chill out a little bit.
We had planned on stopping somewhere to camp for the night, but there was a big thunderstorm. We decided to get a motel for the night in Pendleton. At the last minute, we changed our mind and kept driving. We bribed the kids with $10 each if they would just sleep in the car for a couple of hours. As we drove, we made it out of the storm and saw the most beautiful sunset! (sidenote: in the photo of the kids with the sunset in the background, they are standing on top of our minivan because we couldn’t find a high enough spot.)
They did surprisingly well, especially considering our past history with driving past bedtime. It was late, but we made it to Bingen, Washington to spend the night with our friend Carl. We carried in three half-asleep kids and put them to bed. I was exhausted too and went right to bed, but Josh and Carl stayed up chatting. family road trip in coloradokids climbing on rocks at harley dome utahfamily fun at harley dome utahfamily road trip inspirationfun in the car family road trip inspirationkids playing in magna utahmaking wishes in idahofun at the old idaho state penitentiaryfun times at the old idaho state prisonfamily road trip funthunderstorm in oregon minivan mustachebeautiful sunset in oregon kids sleeping in the car


  • the jail makes me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ especially the three kids locked up!!! sunset pics are super! looking very epic solars <3

  • Such memories! I love it!
    I had really hoped to connect with you guys while you’re in Portland, but couldn’t make it across town to Grilled Cheese Grill yesterday as my husband had decided to cut down a tree in our front yard… and got in way over his head ;o) Perhaps today?
    I hope enjoy Portland to its fullest! I recommend Jamison Square fountain for some good, wet Portland summer kid fun!

  • First, I love the family portaits in the jail cells. Secondly, where is Josh’s mug shot??? And is Ava taking the photos of Jenny and Lia? Budding photographer! And lastly, is all that Hello Kitty paper torn out of Lia’s journal? I could totally see Lucas scribbling once on each piece and ripping it out. So I was wondering if that was from Lia. LOL! Love reading along about your adventures, as always!

  • By the way, you need an awesome name for your van. I think that would make your roap trip even more epic, but it can’t just be like the Solar Mobile or something. It has to be super awesome. You should think on that. You’re welcome for the idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Really great photos again! Love to see all your little adventures. The last set (the storm pictures) are breath-taking!! I love these spontaneous pictures a lot and I hope to get the same high quality shots when I’m starting to do road-trips with my girlfriend and our daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚

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