We woke up early-ish on Tuesday morning and headed across the drawbridge to Hood River, Oregon for breakfast at the Egg River Cafe. We ate omelets and pancakes until we were stuffed.
After breakfast, Carl took us on a hike up Hood River Mountain trail. It was really awesome and a pretty easy hike with a spectacular view at the end! We took the shortcut so we could make it all the way to the top. The kids really enjoyed the short trek. The grass was taller than they were for about half the trail, so it was fun to look ahead and just see three little heads barely peeking up.
After we made it back, we loaded up the car and headed on our way. We decided to take WA-14 to Camas since it’s such a beautiful drive right along the Columbia River. We also happened to see a roadside fruit stand, so we picked up some cucumbers, cherries, and oranges.
When we made our way into Portland, we did a little research to find the grilled cheese food truck. We were bummed that we didn’t get a chance to eat there last year when we were here. So, we headed downtown to the Grilled Cheese Grill. They have two locations, but we went to the one that had the double decker bus for seating.
We ordered meal that included two kiddie grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, and a soda. We also ordered two kindergarteners (plain jane grilled cheeses)and a cup of tomato soup. I added potato chips to mine, which was interesting, and we both had Tillamook cheddar (seriously THE best cheese ever!). The food was great and the kids thought the bus was super fun!
After lunch, we stopped off at Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries and then we headed to our friend Shannon’s house. The kids were super excited to see Shannon’s kids, so we had a lazy afternoon. The kids played Bakugons, littlest pet shop, and Nerf gun wars.
We ate a quick dinner, and then headed to the pool. We had fun swimming, even though it was a little chillier than we’re used to back home. We also had our cannonball contest (which was on our road trip bucket list). I’m not sure who won exactly, but we had fun anyway! After swimming, the kids played for awhile and then went to bed.
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  • Oh, you just mentioned some of my favorite things about Portland in one post! You should check out Silver Falls for a really amazing and beautiful hike. We just went this past spring and it’s awesome. You walk behind, around, and over more waterfalls than I could keep track of!
    I love how you stickered the back of a street sign! Every time I think of our “A Happy Family Was Here” stickers, I think of Portland’s street signs. I actually met a guy there that goes around collecting interesting stickers, peeling them off with a razor blade in the wee hours in the morning when he gets off work from a bakery. I wonder if you’ve made it into his collection yet!

  • Jenny: I love that 4th photo down, looooooove it. Enough to click out of the comfort of Reader and comment 🙂
    Gorgeous photos as always, guys. Much love and can’t wait to see the rest of that epic road trip!

  • Jenny, is that you throwing Lia in? My kids would not be fans of that. LOL! And where is your cannon ball? Love the swimming shot. That should be Josh’s new FB profile photo! 🙂

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