We woke up Wednesday morning and headed to Voodoo Donuts with our friends Shannon, Emmy, and Drew. We Solars love donuts about as much as we love pancakes. Ava got the M&M covered cake donut, Max got the blue and pink sprinkled one, and Lia got the multi-colored sprinkle donut. I had two chocolate on chocolate cake donuts and Josh had a sprinkle donut and the peach fritter. We left no donut behind.
After we ate, we headed up to Rocky Butte viewpoint. It’s an awesome grassy area on the top of a huge hill (maybe a mountain?). The rock wall reminds me of a castle structure. At the top, you have an amazing view of Portland and Mount Hood. The kids brought some Nerf guns up there and had an epic battle back and forth over the ‘castle’ walls.
Next, we headed to Powell Books. It’s the biggest bookstore in the country, and since we all love to read, we thought it would be a good idea. The kids wanted to spend their $10 they earned from sleeping in the car. Unfortunately, our kids take FOREVER at the book store to find something they can want that they can actually afford.
The girls finally settled on sticker books and Max found a Ninjago Lego book. We headed to the front to pay and for whatever reason, Lia just fell apart. She had a level 10 meltdown, right there in Powell Books. I had to carry her out, kicking and screaming. She screamed the ENTIRE 20 minutes back to Shannon’s house. I made her lay down and rest once we got there while I made them something to eat.
The kids played for awhile and chilled out. We packed up a picnic dinner and headed out to Lacamas Park. We all ate sandwiches and the kids played on the playground. We walked part of the trail around Round Lake. The kids thought the dam was super cool and they found an area that was great for running up the concrete and sliding down.
When we were sufficiently worn out, we headed back to Shannon’s house. She had a dress from a clothing designer that she needed to shoot, so she took Ava out to shoot a few images. You can see some of them here. The photos are pretty awesome if you ask me! When we got back to the house, Lia went up to Shannon and said, “when’s my photo shoot?”. It was so cute that Shannon agreed to shoot her in the morning.
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  • LOVE THIS!!! I’ve always loved keeping up with this blog, but now that we’ve met you guys & seen you’re amazing hearts, it’s so much better!! Hope you guys are still having an amazing time. Can’t wait to see how the tree house adventure went!!

  • Ummm, is Ava EVER in a bad mood? She seems like she is always so cheerful, happy, and smiling.
    Been there with that tantrum throwing with Lucas. Nothing like trying to wrangle a screaming, kicking preschooler into the cart so you can buckle him in because he just WON’T stop.
    The gun fight and water fight look like a lot of fun! You guys sure do look like you are having a blast. When you get home, you’ll probably feel like sleeping for days. 🙂

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