We got up early on Thursday morning and packed up our stuff. We headed into Portland to meet up with our friends Jim and Ravyn. We were super excited because Jim was able to take the day off of work to hang out with us.
Ravyn had put together a super awesome Portland bingo game for the kids. They were really excited about it, so we basically unloaded our stuff and headed out on an adventure. We drove up to Pittock Mansion. It was built in the early 1900’s and is on a gorgeous property full of flower gardens and supposedly is fabulous for bird watching.
We didn’t pay for the tour, but instead we walked around the grounds, exploring and marking things off of bingo boards. You can see the city, Mt. St. Helen, AND Mt. Hood from up there.
Our next stop was the Audubon Society of Portland where they have a bird sanctuary. We hiked some of the trails and checked out all the birds of prey they had on display there. The kids particularly loved seeing the salamanders in the creek and climbing through creek along the trail. They were all a little wet and muddy by the time we were done.
We were all starving when we left the bird sanctuary, so we headed to the Skyline Restaurant. We had burgers, fries, and tots. (Josh and Ravyn had veggie burgers and Josh had a banana creme pie shake). The food was great (especially the tater tots!). Apparently, this diner has been around since the 30’s and used to sport some awesome neon back in the day.
After our late lunch, we headed back to Jim and Ravyn’s to make the kids some lunch and rest a bit. Our kids are super picky eaters, so it’s hard to find anything for them to eat when we eat out. I made them sandwiches before we left, but they had eaten them earlier in the day.
After the kids were well-fed and partially rested, we headed off on another adventure. We rode the streetcar downtown and walked around a bit. Josh had a family portrait session, so we left him down near Voodoo Donuts. We walked around a little more and headed down to the waterfront where the fountains are.
The kids had an absolute blast running through the fountains! I warned them not to get too wet, but they didn’t listen. All three of them were soaked by the time we left. They didn’t care much about being soaked, so I didn’t worry about it. We have some of the best fountains in Kansas City, but you’re not allowed to play in them anymore. The kids got their fill in Portland though!
After our fountain adventure, we took the bus back to pick up our car and drove out to the Ikea near the Portland airport to meet Shannon. Turns out we left Lia’s gockie at her house. (It’s a good thing we figured it out before she left for Chicago or before we got out of Portland!). We popped into Target and picked up a few things.
Then we met Josh and Ravyn back at the house, threw together a picnic dinner, and headed up to Council Crest viewpoint. It’s the tallest point in Portland and you have a great view of the city and the mountains.
We ate and the kids had an epic silly string battle courtesy of Jim and Ravyn. They had SO much fun, especially Lia, who was screaming with giggles every time she managed to get her silly string to shoot out of the can. We played a few rounds of bocce ball and then headed home for bed.
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  • I was trying to figure out why Ava was hugging a tree, but I think one of her Bingo boxes is to find a tree so big you can’t put your arms around it. I thought maybe she just really loved that tree.
    Jenny, your face in the photo where are you throwing your Bocce ball cracks me up!
    Love Lia is the dog kennel. My kids love playing in Ellie’s kennel. And I love Ava hanging from the bar on the streetcar.

  • Love the Portland Bingo! We can’t wait to get up there sometime! Looks like you guys are having a blast! Sure hope to see you when you make it to Vegas 🙂

  • Welcome to the northwest. I have lived just across the river from portland for 8 years and have yet to visit most of these places. You have just motivated me to take my kids sightseeing around the city!! Love all the pictures of your happy family.

  • Looks beautiful there. You got some awesome friends there. Josh, I like the facial hair 🙂 miss you guys. Have fun!

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