We woke up Tuesday morning and headed into Grover Beach to meet up with some friends. We stopped off at the SLO Donut Company on our way and picked up a giant box full of donuts! When we got to our friends’ place, we ate donuts and the kids ran around playing.
Our friends DJ and Jen have two kids that are the same ages as Max and Ava and they all got along SO well! Within 5 minutes, all the girls were doing art and Ava especially was in heaven. When they got bored with art, they ran into the backyard on a snail hunt. The kids turned up tons of snails and lined them all up on the cement.
Later in the afternoon, we headed out to Pismo Beach to ride dune buggies. The dune buggy shuttle picked us up near the beach entrance and we made our way over to the rental place, Sunbuggy Fun Rentals. We were supposed to have a four-seater and a five-seater, but the five-seater was broken down. Then the six-seater we were going to get was rented out.
We waited and waited and waited. Then they FINALLY found a two-seater and two four-seaters and we went out. You have drive a ways up the beach before you can enter the dune area. I totally expected the dunes to be small hills and they TOTALLY were not. Some of the dunes are really small and some of them are HUGE!
Driving the dune buggy was so fun and yet at the same time, very terrifying. Josh and I both drove and so did our friend DJ. He totally knew what he was doing and Josh and I did not. Josh got stuck almost right away and then I got stuck (twice in a row) right after that. Once I got unstuck, I followed behind DJ and hit the gas hard. I made it up and down all the dunes just fine after that.
We drove around, flying off of dunes and having a grand old time. DJ’s daughter Jordyn started getting scared and I think Lia was about over it, so we switched our seating up a little bit and I drove myself, DJ’s wife Jen, Lia, and Jordyn back to rental place. Our time was about up anyway. We had fun going fast over the tiny dunes. I gunned it up a hill and managed to barely stop at the top as we noticed that it was a huge drop off the other side! I managed to somehow save us from falling over the cliff and we made it back safely.
We waited for Josh and DJ to get back with the rest of the kids. We waited and waited. Apparently, Josh got stuck in a giant hole because his dune buggy didn’t have much power. It took 45 minutes for the guys to get out to him and get him unstuck. In the meantime, the kids were having a blast running up and down the dunes and playing in the sand.
By the time we got back from the dune buggies, we were all practically starving. We met up with some other friends, Travis and Val, and headed straight for Del’s Pizzeria. We devoured their hot rolls and a couple of pizzas.
After dinner, we headed down the road to Shell Beach, so DJ and Travis could shoot some family portraits of us. The kids had fun climbing on the rocks and trying to beat the waves to get across. We were all totally wiped out by then, so we went back to the house and the kids passed out in no time.
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  • You guys looks like bobbleheads in your helmets. 🙂 Love the photo of Ava watching the snail climb up her shirt. LOL!

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