We desperately needed a slower paced day…so Wednesday morning we got up and joined our friends in a nice walk along the beach for some awesome cinnamon rolls. Josh also got a yummy juice right next door…win win for everyone! We then ate some yummy BBQ at Brad’s (right next door to the famous Splash Cafe which had a long line). We played some more, then had a family session in the evening…followed by one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever witnessed.
Family vacation at Pismo Beach in California.Kids walking on the beach.Cinnamon rolls from Old West on Grover Beach.Kids splashing in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.Kids playing in the sand.Family lunch at Brad's in Grover Beach.Family vacation road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway.

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  • That sunset is gorgeous! I’m going through reading your blog posts in order, and I found it funny that I mentioned that Josh was getting really shaggy and he finally shaved in this post. 🙂 Lia’s gockie is going to be filthy be the time you get home. LOL! I think Max and Ava have gotten blonder from all the time outside on your trip!

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