We woke up Tuesday morning, left Corona, and made the short drive down to Oceanside to our friends Gary and Courtney’s house. We took it easy that day and headed to the pool. It wasn’t awesome beach weather, so we just went swimming. The water was a tad chilly, but the kids swam a bit. They preferred the hot tub though.
The next day, we planned a surfing excursion. Back in February, Josh visited and Gary taught him how to surf. He was excited to go again on this trip and for me and the kids to try it out. Our friends live about 10 minutes from the beach, but I just loved watching Gary stand on the picnic table in his backyard, looking West, trying to decipher the beach weather. He predicted the perfect day and he was right!
We got down to the beach and the kids started playing in the sand right away. Max took his turn on the surfboard first. As usual, it took a little bit of convincing, but he came around. He was able to stand up on the first try. He only did it once… I’m certain because he didn’t like that you fall off. Ava went next and she LOVED it. Typical Ava… she’s our fearless one. She too stood up right away and she did a few runs.
It was my turn next and the water was FREEZING! Well, to be fair, it was the warmest I’ve ever felt the Pacific Ocean be, but it was still cold. I really wanted to try surfing though. Note my terrified-looking face on the paddling-out photo… I’m not scared at all… I’m cold! I was giving Gary one heck of a bad time about the water being so cold, but after a few minutes, I got used to it.
I stood up on the first try too! (In case you’re wondering if I ALWAYS make that lame-I’m-really-excited-face when I do something fun like that, yes, I do… I’ve gotta work on that 😉 I was super excited because everyone says surfing takes a lot of upper body strength and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. Turns out, the upper body strength comes into play when you’re paddling out against the waves. Josh was walking with me and I was paddling as hard as I could. I was actually moving backwards (and yes, he was totally laughing at me), so I made him pull me out farther so I could ride some of the medium waves.
It was easier riding the baby waves. I did okay on the medium waves, but I fell off pretty quickly each time. Overall, it was SO fun and I can’t wait to go surfing again! (P.S. thanks Gary for being such an awesome teacher!)
After our beach excursion, we had a quieter afternoon at the house. We drove down to the pier and walked along it, checking out the surfers, the seagulls, and all the people fishing. (We forgot to bring the camera… imagine that!) We finished off with some before-dinner frozen yogurt and all the kids were in seventh heaven. We headed back to the house and finished out our night with a backyard barbecue with more friends and (my favorite) s’mores.
Thursday morning, we packed up and headed to Donut Fair. Our friends came with us and we all stuffed our faces with some seriously amazing donuts! And then we got on the road. It was HOT driving through the desert toward Vegas (the thermostat in the car said 106 degrees!). We only got out once for just a minute and then we decided to just keep driving.
Once we got to Vegas, we spent the afternoon with my little brother Kerry and his fiance Cesalee. We were all pretty wiped out. It’s been a long trip. Josh had a shoot in the evening, Kerry had to work, and Cesalee and I took the kids swimming.
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  • Oh my goodness, I was just transfixed looking at all of these. So many great details and faces and realness. What a treasure. Can’t wait to see the rest of the trip.

  • 1. A donut fair sounds awesome.
    2. That is an awesome backyard.
    3. You didn’t say anything about guns. What are they shooting? You are brave than I.
    4. Lia looks like she is about ready to bat the camera about of your hands. I love the look on her face. LOL!
    5. What is that thing you stuck the sticker to?
    6. Toddler in the zebra swimsuit. Freaking adorable!

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