There are some days when you’re traveling that are just rough… especially when you’re road tripping. Friday was one of them. We woke up in the morning and celebrated Lia’s fourth birthday. It’s hard to believe our baby is four years old. She was excited to wear the birthday hat and open her presents. We spent a little bit of time playing with the bubble gun with Uncle Kerry and then headed out.
We were trying to make it from Vegas to Tucson in one day. It’s a LONG drive. Anytime we try to drive for a long long time in one day, it usually ends (or begins) disastrously. So we decided to stop at the Hoover Dam on our way out of Nevada. Kerry and Cesalee followed us out there as we thought we might have an enjoyable time. By the time we got there, it was HOT. Wait… that’s an understatement. It was MELTING HOT. We walked up the bridge overlooking the dam and the kids were red in the face and crying before we even got up there. (sidenote: turns out kids overheat FIVE times faster than adults… Google it.)
So, it was a short trip to the Hoover Dam. And it was a LONG drive to Tucson. It was SO hot, we pretty much didn’t get out of the car, though we did pull off the highway to check out Santa Claus, Arizona. As we drove from Phoenix toward Tucson, Josh saw a sign for the Casa Grande Ruins. Thinking maybe we could end the day on a high note, we took a thirty minute detour, racing sunset to try to get there. We beat the sun, but it didn’t matter. Apparently the park closes at 5 pm (boo!). Since we couldn’t get in, we just took some pictures by the cacti out front and Josh saw a roadrunner (the rest of us missed it sadly).
We eventually made it to Tucson and had mini cupcakes to celebrate Lia’s birthday even though it was SUPER late and right before bedtime. The kids LOVED watching the Olympics as they wound down for bed.
birthday girl opening presentskids playing with bubble gunfamily trip to the hoover dam road triproad trip with kids playing in the carcasa grande ruins arizonakids with cactuses in the desert


  • Your kiddos are getting such wonderful opportunities and seeing so many amazing sites! I didn’t even know there was a Santa Claus, AZ. There is also one in Indiana. If you ever go to visit, I highly recommend Holiday World. You would need to spend the whole day and your family would have a blast!

  • ouchie.. sorry for the rough patches. yet you still managed smiles and gorgeous love in amongst all of it. amazing.
    send cuddles to the fellow leo birthday girl. tell her leo’s rock! 😉 happy travels. — heaven

  • Who knew using a bubble gun was such serious work? LOL! Lia has a very serious look on her face. Love the bubble pics. Who doesn’t love bubbles? They can always turn a bad day around.

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