Tucson was fun. We woke up Saturday morning and headed downtown for breakfast at The B Line. Our friends said the pancakes were amazing, so we didn’t really have much choice. They were crepe pancakes with pecan maple butter and everyone seemed to love them… all the plates were clean when we left! I had an egg bagel sandwich that was tasty as well.
After breakfast, we explored downtown a bit and then headed out to check out the San Xavier Mission. It’s gorgeous and they’re in the middle of restoring it right now. I wasn’t sure how long the mission would hold the kids’ attention, but they seemed to enjoy exploring it for the 30 minutes or so that we were there. They especially enjoyed the museum section that loops in a circle. It wasn’t long before they were running circles around the place. Luckily there were not a lot of people there and no one seemed to mind.
It started getting pretty hot out, so we decided to head back for lunch. We made a pit stop at Target for supplies and then enjoyed a quiet lunch at our friends’ loft. The kids were overjoyed to be watching the Olympics, so we let them rest and watch TV for a couple of hours.
And then we went roller skating. The kids have never been roller skating, so it was interesting to say the least. Within the first five minutes of getting our skates on, Lia fell a couple times, got mad, and took her skates off, AND Max fell a couple times, started crying, and took his skates off. I was not a happy camper and figured this would end disastrously, but Josh kept saying it was good for them. (Turns out he was right, but it was still trying in the moment.)
Ava was a champ on roller skates. She was determined to skate alone and pulled herself down the training rail over and over again. And every time she fell, she would get right back up and keep going. Max and Lia…. well, we had probably 10 meltdowns between the two, each time, me consoling them, then begging them to put their skates back on.
Josh finally rented some contraption that looks like an old lady’s walker on wheels. Max and Lia took turns using it, with either Josh or I holding on and helping them push. Ava tried it once, but she did way better without it. Max actually tried to skate with it, but Lia just liked to hold on and let me push her. Thanks to the skate training thing, all the kids ended up having a great time. They even said they want to go again!
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  • Jenny, where is the photo of you and Josh couple skating? 🙂 I love the skating photos. Glad it turned out alright in the end.

  • WOW Skate Country never looked sooooo good! It was nice to see you two and finally meet your kiddos. Our loft looks so empty, might need to fix that!

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