We got up early on Sunday and left Tucson, headed toward Phoenix. It was totally backtracking, but we had some friends in that area that we really wanted to see and the timing worked out well. We actually didn’t take any pictures… not sure how that happened. But we spent a good part of the day with our friends the Nortons. We went to church with them and then ate lunch together at their house while the kids played. And then when it was time to leave, it started POURING rain. The only photo we have from the day is one Richie took on Natalie’s iPhone… it will have to do!
After we left, the rain stopped a bit and we had an hour or so to kill before our friends Jason and Anna would be home from the airport. So, we decided to go to Ikea. We had never been and wanted to see what all the fuss was about! We wandered around the store and of course we ended up buying some stuff. Everything in the store is so modern looking and sleek and bright and colorful… definitely our kind of place!
When we finished at Ikea, we met our friends for a late dinner at La Grande Orange. The kids were exhausted, but they loved the Wikki Sticks that came out to the table instead of crayons. They played with them, we ate, we chatted, and then we headed to our friends’ house. The kids watched a little bit of Olympics and then went to bed.
The next day, we were off early… we had to drive from Phoenix to Santa Fe in one day. We had a bit of rough driving day, with five grumpy people in the car. It was HOT outside and there was not much to do at all. We did manage to salvage the day, however when we stopped at the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. We had been there once before (on our Route 66 road trip). I didn’t get to walk through the petrified forest with them on that trip because Lia was asleep. Everybody was awake this time, so we all walked the trail together. We chose the long one.
It’s an enjoyable hike and the kids loved looking at all the petrified wood and climbing on it. There was a storm coming and we kept willing the clouds to open up and pour on us. All we got was a few raindrops here and there. There were some awful flying insects that kept biting my legs and chasing me. Josh thought it was incredibly funny watching me run and swat at the “invisible” insects. I can assure you it wasn’t funny!
We finished up our hike, loaded in the car, and finished our drive to Santa Fe.
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  • Family photo #2 – best one EVER! Seriously, it is my favorite of all the ones you guys have shared. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all. You need that hanging in your living room. The kids look like they are thinking “Gosh, our parents are so weird!” It is going to be so much fun to be silly and embarrass them when they get to be teenagers. Am I right? 🙂
    Also what are Max and Ava trying to do to the dogs in the first photo? Sneak up on them? LOL!

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