It took us two days to get home from Santa Fe. It’s quite a drive really. I think really the worst part of traveling is the trip home. You know the vacation is over, and it seems the fun is all over too. Especially if you’re driving through Kansas to get home. Let’s face it, it’s a boring drive. Add in the fact that we weren’t even driving on I-70 and you can probably imagine how exciting that drive is.
Well, if you can’t find fun, you have to make your own fun. We made handcuffs with Wikki Sticks, we blew bubbles in the car, we made our own ‘hidden pictures’ puzzles… And then Ava had an epic meltdown. She’s such a mellow kid, but she’s a picky eater. And it’s hard to get her to eat sometimes, especially when we’re traveling. And when she’s starving, she’s GRUMPY! And that girl can scream! We had to pull over on the side of the road for an intervention. (I love that Josh took a photo of me with her). We ended our day with ice cream at Braum’s. It’s hard to believe that was our first time eating ice cream on the whole trip!
We made it to Wichita that night and then headed home the next morning. We stopped and got donuts one last time (you can’t blame us, can you?). And then we drove. On a whim, Josh pulled off the highway in Peabody, KS to check out their “1880’s Main Street”. Well, Main Street was pretty lame, but as we turned to head back to the highway, we drove right past a fire hydrant that was open and shooting water HIGH in the air. We asked the kids if they wanted to play in it and they said no so Josh kept driving.
He got about 3 blocks and I made him turn around. I’ve NEVER seen an open fire hydrant in my life. Seriously, how often do you just happen upon something amazing like that? So I did what any mom would do, I bribed my kids to have fun. (True story by the way). So we pulled over, I got clean dry clothes out of the suitcase, located our beach towels, and then forced my children to have fun in the fire hydrant sprinkler. And after we had our fun, we got back in the car and drove home.
Banana was SO excited to see us! And I think we were glad to be home. Let me just tell you though… it took almost a week to get the car cleaned out and everything put away. And I spent an entire afternoon buying groceries. But it was amazing. We did SO many awesome things on this trip and we visited SO many friends and family. I can’t wait till the next time…
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  • Welcome HOME! LOVE the van picture at the end, sums up a really EPIC trip! It must have been more than good if you are already excited to do it again, KUDOS to you all for making it super fun.

  • Love this!! Those fire hydrant shots are so awesome … and BANANA!! She’s the best!! Glad you guys got home safe & sound!! Miss you!

  • Welcome home!! The hydrant pictures are wonderful…so much fun and the picture of the van is priceless. You inspire me to really want to get on the road with my kids. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us.

  • I’ve had so much fun watching you guys travel! I hope to be able to do the same with my little crew one day. I would looove to stumble upon an open hydrant. I mean, come on!!!

  • Everybody looks exhausted! I love the photos of Banana so happy to have her kids home.
    The fire hydrant photos are so fun. My brother used to have the special tool you need to remove the cover. I’m sure the firemen hated him! LOL!
    I love the hidden pictures puzzles. I’m thinking your van probably smelled funky too. At least ours would when we were through with a trip like that.

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