Jenny + I recently had a day to adventure in Southern California where I was attending the Beloved Collective. As we were running around picking up equipment for the Collective, we ran through the J. Paul Getty Museum in under an hour ($15 to park, but the first hour is free…and we’re super cheap!). The Getty is a beautiful building for sure…but I really wanted to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall but somehow got the two buildings mixed up. Next time, right? We then raced through the warm sand on Santa Monica to splash in the ocean for a bit. I always wanted to carve our name in a tree somewhere awesome…so I did. Then we snuggled together in the grass…all in all a wonderful day.
My wife at the J. Paul Getty Museum in California.Portrait of my wife in Southern California.Self timer portrait at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California.Couple carved initials in a tree in California.My wife laying in the sand.Portrait of my wife in the Pacific ocean.Couple on the beach self portrait.Portrait of my wife in Santa Monica.Self portrait in Southern California.Day dreaming in Santa Monica, California.

ps. Isn’t my wife adorable in that 2nd shot? I love her so much! Go ahead, scroll back up and check it out again…



  • Ah, I love this post and I especially smiled at your last comment and yes I did scroll back up.
    I’m not really clear what I want to see you share, but I will tell you why you’re one of my most treasured blogs to follow (i follow a lot). I soak up every bit of joy that you share. The smiles, laughter, family, frowns, silliness, etc. My step kids are grown. My house is always tidy and usually quiet. I’m a bit obsessed with everything being just so and watching your family gives me permission to relax. Reading about your life really brings me joy.
    So keep it up is all I can say. Perhaps share how it is to be a provider for your family, the stress and joys of that. How you find happiness in life even if you missed a goal, etc.

  • Love love love this post. You guys have such a beautiful family. It always brings me joy to come to this space and see your family. I have three young kids as well, 5,3 and 9 months. Nothing specific but would love to read more posts from a fathers and husbands stand point.

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