Jenny + I have set the bar really high for our road trips…this we know. We’re always dreaming up really amazing things to do with our little ones while seeing parts of the country we’ve never seen before. Well, days 1 + 2 of our Texas road trip found us laying low. We wanted to make sure we got to Texas in 1 day, which we did. We stayed up way too late chatting with some new friends. We had a lovely family adventure session this morning, then headed to Dallas where we’ll be adventuring with our littles and my parents for the next few days. Here’s a few moments we did snag from the last few days…
Family tradition...snacks from Quicktrip to start a road trip.Road trip inspiration.Lego sticker books on a long road trip.Sticker book ideas for kids on a road trip.Road trip ideas for kids.SRoad trip inspiration from the Happy Family Movement.Girl playing in the car on a road trip.Legos in the car on a road trip to Texas.Girl in a pink batman shirt.Girl rocking out.Father daughter silly face portrait.Dad pushing his kids on a luggage cart.Jumping on hotel beds.Girl with goggles waiting to swim.Girl with goggles.Cannonball contest.Family fun in a hotel pool.Hot tub.


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