After taking it easy for two days on this road trip, we decided to pack it all in for day three! We REALLY wanted to go to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, but we didn’t get tickets early enough. So we decided instead to head to the Dallas World Aquarium. We’ve been to several awesome aquariums around the country and the kids always loved them.
The Dallas World Aquarium was no different. They actually had quite a few animals, including toucans, rabbits, and even a jaguar. And the kids loved looking at all the fish, crabs, starfish, seahorses, etc. The favorite thing by far though was the shark feeding. We got there just in time to watch the guy dump buckets of fish and shrimp into the shark tank. There were lots of sharks and lots of different varieties!
After we were done at the aquarium, we stopped for a quick lunch at Potbelly Sandwich Shop (best sandwich shop ever!). And then we headed to the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center. About a month ago, I saw a great deal on Groupon for indoor rock climbing and I bought it. We were all REALLY excited for indoor rock climbing. We’d never done it before and it sounded so fun!
Rock climbing started out a bit like the great roller skating disaster of 2012, but luckily nobody gave up too quickly. It was cold outside that day and it was FREEZING inside. We warmed up a bit once we started climbing, but it was tough convincing the kids that they wouldn’t freeze to death. We had to go through a quick safety lesson and then we were ready to get climbing.
At first, the kids would only climb a couple feet up and then chicken out. Josh and I both scaled the test wall pretty easily and then we made a beeline for the BIG wall. The building is really tall and there are a couple of places where you can climb ALL the way to the top. I thought for sure that I could do it, but it turns out rock climbing is HARD! I got pretty far up the wall, but then I just wasn’t strong enough to keep going. Josh made it pretty far too, but then he wasn’t sure that I could keep him from falling.
So we went back to helping the kids climb. Max and Ava both climbed to the top of one of the smaller walls. They both almost didn’t make it, but we cheered them on! That, and the face that I bribed them with a dollar to touch the top, helped them make the last few rocks. All in all, we had a great time. It was a little scary, but I think it’s good to do something a little scary every now and then!
We finished up our night with round two at the hotel pool to make sure the kids were good and worn out before we headed up to bed.
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