On the morning of day 7, we woke up (not too early) and we drove to Austin. We met up with our friend Cheryl and her family. We pretty much spent the day chatting while the kids played with Legos and Littlest Pet Shop and their hamster. And we pretty much didn’t take any photos that day.
We met our friends again on day 8, but this time for some indoor fun! The chilly weather followed us all the way to Texas, so outdoor fun was not in the cards. We ended up at Main Event Entertainment and they had an awesome promotion going on for unlimited fun with a wristband. The kids spent the next several hours rock climbing (who knew they’d get two chances in one week?!), doing cosmic mini golf, and bowling.
Somewhere in the middle there, we took a break to eat a very late lunch at Taco Deli. The food was AWESOME! We’ll definitely be eating there again next time we’re in Austin! One of the awesome things about having friends in other places is that they take you to all the awesome local places you’d never find on your own.
Once we were all stuffed, we headed back to Main Event and the kids had a blast using up all the points on Papa’s arcade pass. The five of them (our three and Cheryl’s two) were running around the arcade like crazy little people (well, that’s probably an accurate description!), running from game to game. It was pretty comical and very chaotic.
And finally, about two hours after we were supposed to leave for Dallas, we said goodbye and loaded into our cars. By the time we got to Dallas, it was pretty late. Everybody was grumpy. And the moral of the story is… go to bed on time and eat when its mealtime. We managed to make it 7 1/2 days into our road trip without a disaster, but we fell apart on day 8.
We spent all of day 9 driving from Dallas back home to Kansas City. WOW is that a long drive! We typically try not to drive that far in one day. But we only had a certain number of days for this trip, so we had to make the drive to Texas in one day and the drive home in one day. I have to say I’m pretty shocked at how well the kids behaved. They handled the long drive really well and we managed to make it home without any more disasters!
Want to learn more about how we road trip with kids? Check out our Adventure in a Box: Road Trippin’ kit!
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